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For additional information on any of the items below, or to confirm your booking please contact:

Liz Holling


Hi everyone,

I have booked to see the following shows.

Please see the posters below.

If you are interested please just let me know.



Details of the open air theatre productions at Lytham Hall in June, July, and August are shown below.

Julian Wilde the organiser hope to have the the pleasure of your company during a season which features five very different plays.

Many will be delighted that Gilbert and Sullivan is back and there's a Shakespeare play both from Chapterhouse and from Illyria. On midsummer's day evening Jane Austen's Emma will open one of our strongest ever programmes.

You can book your tickets directly with him at receive them electronically and pay by bank transfer. Tickets are the same price as last summer and there are no booking or credit card fees.

For more information see the Lytham Hall website

Celebrate the summer and book now !

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