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1) Which ship sank off the Portsmouth coast in 1545
2) In which country was Russell Crowe born
3) What was the name of the first “talkie” film, released in 1927
4) What modern measurement of length is equivalent to just over a yard
5) The city of Hull lies on which estuary
6) What term describes lines lying in the same plane and not intersecting
7) What is the French term for the South of France
8) The Ghurkas hale from which mountainous Asian country
9) What is the collective name for a group of owls
10) Of which European country is The Hague the seat of government
11) Which group had a hit in 1992 with November Rain
12) Which author created the character of Tom Sawyer
13) What name is given to a female horse
14) In which City is Central Park
15) Who was the god of war in Roman mythology
16) What is the common name for the tiny piece of silicon used in circuits
17) Who was the lead singer with The Jam
18) Of which country is Budapest the capital
19) Which salad is made from tuna, French beans, olives and eggs
20) Which screen legend starred in the film The Seven Year Itch
21) Who was the original host of the TV series QI
22) Proverbially, what is it that blows nobody any good
23) Bangkok is the capital of which south-east Asian country
24) Which syrupy liqueur is an ingredient of the cocktail Kir Royale
25) What is the modern name for Ceylon
26) What is the term for money paid to the courts as security
27) The Blockheads were the backing band for which singer
28) Which town in Warwickshire is associated with Shakespeare
29) Who was the Greek god of pastures and nature
30) In rounders, which player stands behind the batter
31) Which is the largest cathedral in the world
32) Which English conflict lasted from 1642 to 1646
33) Who was the director of 2001: A Space Odyssey
34) Mrs Brown’s Boys was created by which comedian
35) The Serpentine is in which area of London
36) What was Jack’s surname in the TV series 24
37) What is the highest award at the Cannes Film Festival
38) Who won the men’s singles title at Wimbledon in 1974 and again in 1982
39) Which motor-racing circuit is situated near Swanley in Kent
40) What is a solution of water strongly impregnated with salt called
41) Who played Pam in Gavin and Stacey
42) In which London borough was Only Fool’s and Horses set
43) What was the name of Ricky Gervais’ character in The Office
44) Which part-improvised series featured siblings Ben, Karen and Jake
45) Which actress played Grace in Will and Grace
46) In which sitcom did Simon Bird play the character Will McKenzie
47) Which sitcom was set on Craggy Island
48) Who played Manuel in Fawlty Towers
49) Who co-starred with Zoe Wanamaker in My Family
50) In which city was Bread set

Please send entries to to reach him by 28th January.

The winner will receive £25 prize


1. Which word, often associated with Christmas, stems from the Greek word for circle dance ?
2. Which English leader prohibited the singing of Christmas songs ?
3. The following are words from which Christmas songs ?
a. she didnt see me creep down the stairs to have a peep
b. she'd been drinking too much egg nog
c. once bitten and twice shy I keep my distance
d. in the lane the snow is glistening
e. the choir of children sing their song they practiced all year long
4. Many people claim that the first unofficial football international between Germany and a Scotland England side was played on a Christmas Day. The pitch or playing field was found between what ?
5. The Christmas film 'Miracle on 34th Street' has been remade many times. Who won a best supporting actor Oscar for the role of Kris Kringle in the original 1947 film and which two time Oscar winner played Kris in the 1994 remake ?
6. 'Who' catches the Grinch red handed stealing Christmas presents ?
7. In which country does an ugly old witch named Bafana deliver presents on the 6th of December ?
a. Australia
b. Austria
c. Italy
d. Mexico
8. In which country is St. Nick called Sinterklaas ?
9. "Good King Wenceslas looked out on the feast of Stephan". In which country was Wenceslas king ?
10. Apparently, while poking at the fire, the London sweet shop owner Tom Smith got the inspiration to make what ?

1. Carol (choranlein)
2. Oliver Cromwell
3. Five Answers:
a. I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus
b. Grandma got run over by a reindeer
c. Last Christmas
d. Winter Wonderland
e. Wonderful Christmas Time
4. Between the trenches in no mans land, Christmas 1914. ( No match report is available but it seems the Germans won 3-2.)
5. Edmund Gwenn and Richard Attenborough
6. Cindy Lou Who
7. Answer c. Italy To naughty children "Lo dico alla Befana" (I'll tell the Befana !!)
8. Holland
9. Bohemia (Czech Republic)
10. Christmas crackers

11. "So this is Christmas" are the first words to which John Lennon song ? (complete title please)
12. What are the names of the Three Wise Men or The Three Kings ? (in western folklore)
13. A Christmas present for country western fans. Who sang "It was Christmas in prison the food was real good, we had turkey and pistols carved out of wood" ?
a. Willy Nelson
b. Johnny Cash
c. John Prine
d. Garth Brooks
14. Other than blue, which other colours are mentioned in the Elvis song 'Blue Christmas'?
15. Which 'Christmas' word means 'turning of the sun' ?
16. The Greek word for Messiah was Xristos(Christ). What do these words mean translated ?
17. Which pudding with a misleading name was banned by English Puritans because it was deemed to be 'sinfully rich' ?
18. Which popular poem did Clement Clark Moore write for his six children in 1822 ?
19. Superstition dictates that when making mince pies for Christmas one should always stir in which direction ?
20. Most of us have had to eat 'humble pie' at least once in our lives. During Elizebethian times it was popular at Christmas feasts. What was the main ingredient?

11. Happy Xmas (War is over)
12. Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar
13. Answer c. John Prine
('Christmas in prison' from the album Sweet Revenge)
14. Red, green and white.
"decorations of red on a green Christmas tree" and "You'll be doin all right with your Christmas of white".
15. Yuletide (Yule means wheel in old Norse language)
16. The 'annointed' one
17. Plum pudding. There are no plums in plum pudding.
(sugar, raisons, suet, flour and various spices boiled in a bag till 'plum')
18. A visit from St. Nicholas (The night before Christmas)
"It twas the night before Christmas when all through the house......"
19. In a clockwise direction.
20. Innards or offal (Usually deer).

21. Advent candles are a popular Christmas tradition in many cultures. What does the word advent mean ?
22. Who said, "You'll want all day tomorrow, I suppose " ?
23. Thousands of what marched on London from Norfolk just prior to Christmas each year in Victorian times ?
25. Which song was heard on both sides of the trenches on Christmas Eve 1914 ?

21. arrival
22. Scrooge to Bob Cratchit in Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol'.
23. Turkeys and Geese (The turkeys wore little leather boots, the geese just had their feet tarred)
24. Silent Night Stille Nacht
25. Frankincense

26 In which castle was the first Welsh Eisteddfod held on Christmas Day 1176? Cardigan.
27Who plays Kate Winslet's love interest in the 2006 film "The Holiday"? Jack Black.
28Which of the Gospels gives the fullest account of the Nativity? Luke.
29Which European country was the first to issue a Christmas stamp? Austria.
30When is the feast of Stephen? December 26th.
31Which horse won the title of Horse of the Year in 1964 after winning both the Irish and Epsom Derbies and the Irish 2000 Guineas? Santa Claus.
32How many children did Bob Cratchit have in "A Christmas Carol"? Six.
33What name is given to a male turkey? A Tom or Gobbler.
34Which famous author wrote "The Father Christmas Letters"? J R R Tolkein.
35In which month does Christmas fall in Australia? December.
36According to the lyrics of the song, what were Frosty the Snowman's last words? "I'll be back some day".
37Which Pope in AD 320 declared December 25th to be Christmas Day? Julius I.
38Which stretch of water in London is used for a Christmas morning swim? The Serpentine.
39In Iceland how many Santas distribute presents? Thirteen.
40Which American Company created the first artificial Christmas Tree using the same machinery that made toilet brushes? Addis.
41In which city would you find Wencelas Square? Prague.
42What is Jake's prize if he makes it home for Christmas in the 1998 film "I'll be Home for Christmas"? A sports car.
43Which Beatles song was covered by Elbow for the 2017 John Lewis Christmas TV commercial? "Golden Slumbers".
44What is Santa's postcode in Canada? H0H 0H0.
45Which of Santa's reindeer has a name that means "Lightning" in German? Blitzen.
46In the George Orwell novel "Animal Farm", which animal is called Snowball? A Pig.
47Which member of The Beatles announced his engagement on Christmas Day 1967? Paul McCartney (to Jane Asher, they never married).
48First shown in 2012, what was the sequel to "The Snowman"? "The Snowman and the Snow Dog".
49Who played Patch in the 1985 movie "Santa Claus:The Movie"? Dudley Moore.
50What was the name of the penguin in the 2014 John Lewis Christmas Advert? Monty.

51 What was the name of the dog that belonged to the Grinch in Dr. Seuss' book "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"?
a. Rudolph
b. Toto
c. Max
d. Cerberus
(51.) c

52 Which star led the Three Kings to Jesus?
a. Star of David
b. North Star
c. Star of Bethlehem
d. Angel Star
(52.) c

53. What was the name of Scrooges' dead business partner in "A Christmas Carol"?
a. Jacob Marley
b. Bob Cratchit
c. Tiny Tim
d. Bill Sykes
(53.) a

54Where did the real St. Nicholas live?
a. In Holland
b. At the North Pole
c. In Turkey
d. In Germany
(54.) c

55 What brought Frosty the Snowman to life?
a. Pixie Dust
b. An old silk hat
c. A kiss
d. A fresh snowfall
(55.) b

56. In the movie "It's A Wonderful Life" how do you know that an angel has received his wings?
a. A light flashes
b. It starts raining
c. A trumpet sounds
d. A bell rings
(56.) d

57. Who was the author of "A Christmas Carol"?
a. Hans Christian Anderson
b. Charles Dickens
c. Thomas M. Sawyer
d. Mark Twain
(57) b

58. What was pictured on the first stamp printed for the Christmas season?
a. Santa Claus
b. An Angel
c. A Star
d. A Rose
(58) d

59. The poem commonly known as "The Night Before Christmas" was originally titled:
a. The Night Before Christmas
b. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
c. A Visit From Saint Nicholas
d. The Night Visitor
(59). c

60. Electric Christmas tree lights were first used in what year?
a. 1925
b. 1700
c. 1895
d. 1750
(60.) c

61. Which of these events did NOT occur on Christmas Day?
a. Hong Kong fell to the Japanese in WWII.
b. Ebenezer Scrooge was visited by four ghosts.
c. King Arthur pulled Excalibur from the stone.
d. Charlemagne was crowned Holy Roman Emperor.
(61.) b

62. Good King Wenceslas was king of which country?
a. Hungary
b. Bohemia
c. Poland
d. Czechoslovakia
(62.) b

63. When was Christmas first celebrated?
a. The year after Jesus was crucified
b. Around 100 AD
c. In the 4th Century
d. 1935
(63.) c

64. Why was December 25th chosen as Christmas Day?
a. That's when Jesus was born
b. To compete with a pagan celebration
c. That's when Christmas trees are in season
d. That's when the Bible says to celebrate it
(64.) b

65. How did Xmas originate as an abbreviation for Christmas?
a. Atheists refused to accept "Christ" as part of the word
b. The early popes were lazy so they tended to shorten everything
c. The Greek word for Christ is Xristos
d. From Latin terminology for any holy day
(65) c

66. What comes after '8 maids a-milking' in the song 'The 12 Days of Christmas'?
a. 9 pipers piping
b. 9 lords a-leaping
c. 9 drummers drumming
d. 9 ladies dancing
(66.) d

67. When are the '12 Days of Christmas'?
a. The 12 days before Christmas: December 14 to December 25
b. The 12 days after Christmas: December 26 to January 6
c. The 12 days around Christmas: Christmas Eve to January 4
d. The 12 days beginning with the winter solstice: December 21 to January 1
(67.) b
68. How many sides does a snowflake have?
a. 6
b. 8
c. 10
d. 12
(68.) a

69. In the movie 'Miracle on 34th Street', Kris Kringle is hired to play Santa Claus in what large department store?
a. Marshall Field's
b. FAO Schwarz
c. Macy's
d. Gimble's
(69.) c

70. When is the 'Feast of Stephen'?
a. December 6
b. December 12
c. December 26
d. January 6
(70.) c

71 The Christmas movie "Holiday Inn" was set in which US State?Connecticut.
72 Which spice derived from the seed of the Myristica fragrans tree is used in the recipe for Christmas puddings?Nutmeg.
73 According to the title of Sia's 2017 Christmas hit, who is coming for us?Santa ("Santa's Coming for Us").
74 Which in 1836 became the first US State to officially recognise Christmas?Alabama.
75 Who played the title role in the movie "Bad Santa"?Billy Bob Thornton.
76 Often eaten at Christmas, what sweetener is used to make the German sweetbread Lebkuchen?Honey.
77 With 5.4 million viewers which was the most watched TV programme on Christmas Day 2020 (Excluding the Queen's Christmas message)?Call the Midwife.
78 In Jostein Gaarder's "The Christmas Mystery", where does Joachim find a story hidden?A magical advent calendar.
79 Which of the gifts bought by the Wise Men to the new born Jesus is also known as Olibanum?Frankincense.
80 The character Lee Christmas in the 2010 movie "The Expendables" was played by which action actor?Jason Statham.
81 Who wrote the 1879 poem popularly known as "Christmas Day in the Workhouse"?George R Sims.
82 LadBaby had the UK Christmas number one in 2020 for the third successive year with their version of whose 2010 top ten single?Journey - "Don't Stop Believin'' ("Don't Stop Me Eating").
83 Which is the only English county whose name can be spelt without using any letters from the word CHRISTMAS?Devon.
84 Who wrote the poem, "The Cultivation of Christmas Trees"?T S Eliot.
85 What was the name of the boy in the TV film "The Snowman"?James.
86 Which British scientist initiated the first Royal Institution Christmas Lecture in 1825?Michael Faraday.
87 In which Christmas movie does the town of Bedford Falls feature?"It's A Wonderful Life".
88 Michael Morpurgo's "The Best Christmas Present in the World" features the discovery of an old letter from a soldier fighting in which conflict?World War 1.
89 As at Christmas 2021 which is more expensive an ounce of Frankincense or an ounce of Myrrh?Myrrh.
90 Which Poet Laureate wrote the verse 'The Robin Song' that begins, "I am the hunted king,Of the frost and big icicles"?Ted Hughes.
91 Which former professional footballer and now TV pundit had a UK top ten album in 2019 entitled "Here's to Christmas"?Chris Kamara.
92 The Josh Groban song "Believe" was written for which 2004 Christmas movie?The Polar Express.
93 In 1965 "Jingle Bells" became the first song to be played in space, aboard which spacecraft did this happen?Gemini 6A.
94 Who in 2019 reached the UK top ten with a cover of John Lennon's "Happy Christmas (War is Over)"?John Legend.
95 Which Eurovision winner said "It's Gonna be a Cold, Cold Christmas" in the 1975 UK single charts?Dana.
96 Which Scottish female singer recorded the 2010 Christmas album entitled "A Christmas Cornucopia"?Annie Lennox.
97 Which carol was sung outside Scrooge's office in "A Christmas Carol"?"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen".
98 Reaching number three in the UK singles chart what was the title of Jess Glynne's 2020 Christmas hit?"This Christmas".
99 Which ballet music by Tchaikovsky, popular at Christmas , had its premiere in St Petersburg on 18th December 1892?The Nutcracker.
100 Who were "Together at Christmas" according to the title of their 2020 hit album?Michael Ball & Alfie Boe.

There were surprisingly few entrants from Charlotte Slater, Steve Ellis, Ron & Hilary Coyne, and Bev Mottershead.

The winner was Ron & Hilary Coyne who win the £50 prize.



1. Who is the main character in the film 'The Raiders Of The Lost Ark'?
2. Complete the name of this Scottish football club....PARTICK ____________?
3. Which Port is capital of the Falkland Islands?
4. What alternative name was given to German Shepherd Dogs after World War 1 because of the German part of their name?
5. What species of ape has a natural copper tinge to its hair or fur?
6. Kim Jong-Un is leader of which country?
7. In 69BC the Romans invaded Crete, which modern day city on the island was the first to fall?
8. According to the Beatles, who 'Picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been'?
9. Which poem by Rudyard Kipling ends with the line 'And which is more, you'll be a man my son'?
10. Which Norfolk city was the first in the UK to adopt the postcode system?
11. In what film does John Hurt die in a gruesome chest bursting scene?
12. William H Bonney is one of the aliases of which cowboy bank robber?
13. What was Tarzans main item of clothing?
14. Which actress emerged from the sea in Dr No wearing a white bikini?
15. What is the full name of the first man to climb the Matterhorn?
16. Which British crooner sang, 'From Russia with love', 'Born Free' and 'The Impossible Dream'?
17. In the Star Wars films what is the real name of Ben Kenobi played by Alec Guinness and Ewan Macgregor?
18. What does the Greek word 'Portokali' mean in English?
19. Which Labour leader was filmed falling into the sea at Brighton beach in 1983?
20. The point sirectly above an earthquakes focal point is called what?
21. What is the first name of Posh Spice, married to David Beckham?
22. Which ground is home to the Warwickshire County Cricket Club?
23. Where in the USA would you find, La Guardia, JFK and Newark airports?
24. How many times have we had a full moon this month (Aug 2012)?


1. Indiana Jones
2. Thistle
3. Stanley
4. Alsatian
5. Orangutan
6. North Korea
7. Chania
8. Eleanor Rigby
9. If
10. Norwich
11. Alien
12. Billy the kid
13. Loincloth
14. Ursula Andress
15. Edward Whymper
16. Matt Monroe
17. Obi Wan Kenobi
18. Orange
19. Neil Kinnock
20. Epicentre
21. Victoria
22. Edgbaston
23. New York
24. Twice

Round 2 Music - Song Lyrics

You must give the SONG TITLE and the ARTIST who made it famous (not covers).

1 point for each - maximum of 30 points in this round.

1. I got my first real six string. Bought it at the 5 and dime.
2. It's 9 o clock on a Saturday, the regular crowd shuffles in.
3. Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again.
4. Sitting in the morning sun, I'll be sitting when the evening comes.
5. Young teacher, the subject of schoolgirl fantasy.
6. The sirens are screaming and the fires are howling way down in the valley tonight.
7. I work all night, I work all day to pay the bills I have to pay. Aint it sad.
8. Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy.
9. Turn around. Every now and then I get a little bit lonely.
10. And he drove the fastest milk cart in the West.
11. People try to put us down, just because we get around.
12. On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair.
13. I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.
14. All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey.
15. Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today.


1. Bryan Adams - Summer of 69
2. Billy Joel - Piano Man
3. Simon & Garfunkel - Sound of Silence
4. Otis Redding - Dock of the Bay
5. The Police - Don't stand so close to me
6. Meatloaf - Bat out of Hell
7. Abba - Money Money Money
8. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
9. Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart
10. Benny Hill - Ernie
11. The Who - My Generation
12. The Eagles - Hotel California
13. The Temptations - My Girl
14. The Mamas and the Papas - California Dreamin'
15. Frank Sinatra - New York, New York
Round 3 Film and TV Bars

15 questions based on famous bars from the film and TV world.

1. Which bar did Sam Malone run?
2. The Nags Head was the pub in which classic British comedy series?
3. What is the name of the pub in Coronation Street?
4. Which cartoon has a bar called 'Moes'?
5. Which chief medical officer and coronor could be found drinking in 'Dannys Bar'?
6. What TV show featured Dave, the landlord of the Winchester Club?
7. Which sci-fi show had Whoopi Goldberg as the mysterious Guynan running a bar called the 'Ten Forward'?
8. The strip bar 'Bada Bing' was run by Tony in which TV show?
9. Which Scottish comedy about two older men featured 'The Clansmen' run by 'That Bawbag'?
10. Where could you get a pint in 'Heartbeat'?
11. What were the first names of the likely lads that drank in 'The Fat Ox' and 'The Black Horse' pubs?
12. Which club had Peter Kay and Paddy McGuinness as doormen?
13. The Slaughtered Lamb features in which movie?
14. Where did Luke Skywalker first meet Han Solo?
15. Where could you find Isaac the bartender serving drinks and relationship advice on the Lido deck?

1. Cheers
2. Only Fools And Horses
3. The Rovers Return
4. The Simpsons
5. Quincy
6. Minder
7. Star Trek - The Next Generation
8. The Sopranos
9. Still Game
10. Aidenfield Arms
11. Bob and Terry
12. The Phoenix
13. An American Werewolf in London
14. Mos Eisley Cantina
15. The Love Boat

Round 4 Sport

This round was used at Fazakerleys during the London 2012 Olympic Games (July 27). They are not all sport questions, but the first letter of each answer spells out 'The London Olympic Games'.

1. Lod airport, now Ben Gurion international serves which city?
2. Which London establishment had the first escalators installed in the UK in 1898?
3. Where on the human body would you find the thinnest layer of skin?
4. What 4 creatures guard Nelsons column?
5. At the 1896 Athens olympics the winners were given a silver medal and a branch from which tree?
6. Who sang the theme tune to the Bond film, 'You only live twice'?
7. Terry Scott provided the voice of Penfold in which cartoon?
8. Which British university town is home to the Ashmoleum museum?
9. The TV show 'Celebrity Squares' was based on which simple board game?
10. The olympic torch is lit at which ancient site in Greece?
11. In which European city was the first opening ceremony of the modern olympic games held?
12. What colour is Pac-Man?
13. What is the national emblem of Canada?
14. Which Baron was the founder of the modern olympic games?
15. Who won the mens singles final at Wimbledon in 2001, eleven years after his first entrance to the championships?
16. Which country has the internet domain .CN?
17. What colour will you get if you mix the Circle line and the Piccadilly line on the London Underground map?
18. Which city hosted the 2004 summer olympics?
19. Which English city has the Whitworth art gallery?
20. Which South African golfer is known as 'The Big Easy'?
21. Which British swimmer won a silver medal in the 400m medley at the 1980 summer olympic games?

1. Tel Aviv
2. Harrods
3. Eyelids
4. Lions
5. Olive
6. Nancy Sinatra
7. Dangermouse
8. Oxford
9. Noughts and Crosses
10. Olympia
11. London
12. Yellow
13. Maple Leaf
14. Pierre De Coubertin
15. Ivanisavic (Goran)
16. China
17. Green
18. Athens
19. Manchester
20. Ernie Els
21. Sharon Davies

Round 5 Food and Drink

All the answers in this round feature a drink in the title.

1. Who were Whams female backing singers that went on to have a solo career?
2. What line follows '15 men on a dead mans chest'?
3. In which film did Sylvester Stallone play Kurt Russels cop partner?
4. Which song gave Allanah Myles a top 10 UK chart hit in 1990?
5. Which UK act won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1981?
6. Which movie saw Brooke Shields deserted on a desert island with Christopher Atkins?
7. Which Wurzels hit song had the same tune as 'Una Paloma Blanca'?
8. Written by Neil Diamond, which song was UB40s first No. 1 UK hit?
9. Which drink translated into English means Aunt Mary?
10. Which former English rugby union captain is rumoured to have had an affair with Princess Diana?
11. What is the 4 letter name given to a horses ankle?
12. Which novel by Laurie Lee, set in Gloucestershire, was on the approved list of books for secondary schools in England and Wales in the 1980's and 90's?
13. What name was given to the Japanese suicide pilots of WWII?
14. Phillips, London and Ratchet are all types of what?
15. If you see FCUK on a t-shirt, what does the FC stand for?

1. PEPSI & Shirley
2. Yo ho ho and a bottle of RUM
3. TANGO and Cash
7. I am a CIDER drinker
8. Red Red WINE
10. Will CARLING
11. HOCK
12. CIDER with Rosie

Quiz answers for November - we had entries from Ron Taylor, Hilary & Ron Coyne,Belinda Stevenson, Steve Ellis and Bev Mottershead and the winner was Hilary and Ron Coyne who receive £25 prize.


Questions: Round 1

1. Name the three countries in the world that begin with the letter F
2. What is the longest river in Britain?
3. What city has the busiest airport in the world?
4. In what country will you find the cities of Valparaiso, Antofagasta and Vina del Mar?
5. What is Scotland's fourth largest city by population?
6. The Abraj Al Bait Clock Tower is the third tallest building in the world. What country is it in?
7. What is the state capital of Tennessee?
8. Mount Paektu is a sacred mountain in which Asian country?
9. Which city's cathedral has the tallest church spire in England?
10. In what county is the seaside resort of Cromer?
11. In what English county will you find the towns of Basildon, Clacton and Harlow?
12. In what London borough is Heathrow Airport?
13. Mount Kilimanjaro is in which African country?
14. The Lofoten Islands are in which European country?
15. In which city will you find the Uffizi Gallery?
16. After China, India and the USA, which country has the next highest population?
17. Abertawe is the Welsh name for which city?
18. In which city do the football teams Boca Juniors and River Plate play?
19. Which four countries does Slovenia share borders with?
20. The holiday resort of Faliraki is on which European island?
21. What is Britain's longest motorway?
22. What's the largest country in the world beginning with the letter L?
23. Sometimes called the eighth wonder of the world, in which country is Milford Sound?
24. The Cavaliers, Browns and Indians are sports teams in which American city?
25. In what country will you find the Inca Trail?

Answers: Round 1

1. France, Fiji, Finland
2. River Severn
3. Atlanta
4. Chile
5. Dundee
6. Saudi Arabia
7. Nashville
8. North Korea
9. Salisbury
10. Norfolk
11. Essex
12. Hillingdon
13. Tanzania
14. Norway
15. Florence
16. Indonesia
17. Swansea
18. Buenos Aires
19. Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary
20. Rhodes
21. The M6
22. Libya
23. New Zealand
24. Cleveland
25. Peru

Questions: Round 2

1. In which London borough was David Bowie born?
2. What year was the first series of X Factor?
3. The first music video on MTV aired on August 1, 1981. But what song was it for?
4. Which London borough was famously Amy Winehouse's hangout?
5. In which decade did Elvis Presley have his first No. 1 hit?
6. At the GRAMMYs in January (2020), who became the youngest solo artist of all time to win Album of the Year?
7. Who were the original members of Destiny’s Child?
8. Which Glaswegian solo-artist won the BRITs Song of the Year at the ceremony in February, 2020?
9. Which musician was awarded the The Nobel Prize in Literature 2016?
10. What is Drake’s full name?
11. Which airport did Freddie Mercury work in?
12. What links Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, Amy Winehouse and Michael Buble?
13. Which London borough is Stormzy from?
14. What is the name of Arctic Monkey's debut studio album? (Bonus point for when it came out)
15. Which artist has won the most GRAMMYs in history?
16. Which former One Direction member released the single 'Watermelon Sugar' this year?
17. Which musician caused controversy when he famously interrupted Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009?
18. What is Rihanna's real name? (One point for each part)
19. Who was the first female artist to achieve a UK number one with a self-written song?
20. Where are electronic duo The Chemical Brothers from?
21. Name the three acts that headlined the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury Festival in 2019
22. And which artist took the legends slot at Glastonbury, 2019?
23. BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys are a seven-member boy band from which country?
24. Who is the lead singer of the Happy Mondays?
25. Which artist has the record for the highest grossing tour of all time (not adjusted for inflation)?

Answers: Round 2

1. Brixton, but at the age of six he moved with his family to Bromley.
2. 2004
3. 'Video Killed The Radio Star' by The Buggles
5. 1950s
6. Billie Eilish, 18-years-old
7. Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson
8. Lewis Capaldi, with 'Someone You Loved'.
9. Bob Dylan
10. Aubrey Drake Graham
11. Heathrow Airport
12. None of them have ever had a UK No. 1 single
14. Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (released in 2006)
15. Georg Solti. The late conductor won 31 GRAMMYs.
16. Harry Styles
17. Kanye West
18. Robyn Rihanna Fenty
19. Kate Bush
20. Manchester, UK
21. Stormzy, The Cure, and The Killers
22. Kylie Minogue
23. South Korea
24. Shaun Ryder
25. Ed Sheeran. In 2019, his 'Divide' tour was named the highest-grossing tour of all time, breaking the record set by U2stood for eight years.

Questions: Round 3

1. In what 1976 thriller does Robert De Niro famously say “You talkin’ to me?”
2. For what movie did Steven Spielberg win his first Oscar for Best Director?
3. Which Alfred Hitchcock thriller is notorious for its shocking “shower scene”?
4. Which show about Danny and Sandy was made into a film with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John?
5. Which singer starred in The Bodyguard?
6. What is the first rule of Fight Club?
7. Who played Jack in Titanic?
8. Which 2020 film starring Robert Downey Jr tells the story of a physician who can talk to animals?
9. Which movie star is killed off in the opening scene of Scream?
10. Directed by Guy Ritchie, who plays the Genie in the 2019 adaptation of Aladdin?
11. In the movie Frozen, which song does Elsa sing as she builds the castle?
12. What is the name of the hobbit played by Elijah Wood in the Lord of the Rings movies?
13. What flavour of Pop Tarts does Buddy the Elf use in his spaghetti in Elf ?
14. On what date is the Frank Capra classic It's a Wonderful Life set?
15. Which Ben and Matt co-wrote Good Will Hunting?
16. Which British actress won the Best Actress award at the Oscars in 2019?
17. Who is the only Disney princess who was inspired by an actual person?
18. Where did Harry Potter go to school?
19. Which movie features Bruce Willis as John McClane, a New York police officer, taking on a gang of criminals in a Los Angeles skyscraper on Christmas Eve?
20. What is Darth Vader's real name?
21. What pop vocal group performs at the wedding in Bridesmaids?
22. Which English actor won the 2014 Academy Award for best actor for his role in The Theory of Everything?
23. What island is Jurassic Park on?
24. Aaron Sorkin won an Oscar for writing what 2010 drama about the creation of Facebook?
25. Which musical based on Romeo & Juliet was a 60s Oscar winner?

Answers: Round 3

1. Taxi Driver
2. Schindler’s List
3. Psycho
4. Grease
5. Whitney Huston
6. Never talk about Fight Club
7. Leonardo DiCaprio
8. Dolittle
9. Drew Barrymore
10. Will Smith
11. Let It Go
12. Frodo Baggins.
13. Chocolate
14. Christmas Eve
15. Affleck and Damon
16. Olivia Colman
17. Pocahontas
18. Hogwarts
19. Die Hard
20. Anakin Skywalker
21. Wilson Phillips
22. Eddie Redmayne
23. Isla Nublar
24. The Social Network
25. West Side Story

Questions: Round 4

1. Brazil beat which country 2-0 in the 2002 World Cup Final?
2. Which English football club was previously known as both 'Excelsior' and 'New Brompton'?
3. The Hawthorns is home to which English football club?
4. Which Liverpool defender won the PFA Player of the Year award in 2018-19?
5. Which English midfielder won 30 caps for his country, scoring seven goals? His injury record earned him the nickname 'Sick Note'.
6. Born in Glasgow in 1962, which midfielder won 73 caps for the Republic of Ireland whilst playing for Oxford United, Liverpool, Aston Villa and Crystal Palace?
7. Which English defender became the first to move between two English clubs for over £30 million in 2002?
8. Which German striker was known as Der Bomber?
9. Name the top Premier League goalscorer to never have been capped for his country? (Hint: he now has a son named Tyrese playing for Stoke City)
10. Four Manchester United players have won the European Footballer of the Year award; can you name them?
11. What was introduced for the first time by trainer Donald Colman in the 1920s at Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen?
12. As of 2017, which European football club has supplied a player in the starting line-up of every World Cup final since 1982?
13. What's different about the recently launched limited edition Subbuteo table football set featuring Arsenal and Chelsea teams?
14. England first entered the Football World Cup in 1950; how many tournaments have they failed to qualify for since then?
15. Name the football club with which Jose Mourinho first became a top-tier manager?
16. Jamie Carragher made his first team debut for Liverpool under which manager?
17. Ryan Giggs is the new Wales football manager, but in which sport was his father Danny Wilson a Welsh international?
18. Which Russian footballer, nicknamed the "Black Panther", is widely regarded as the greatest goalkeeper in the history of the sport?
19. Which adhesive manufacturer sponsors two English association football leagues at levels 7–8 of the English football league system?
20. Can you name the only footballer born before 1960 to score a Premier League hat-trick (Hint: The Premier League was founded in 1992)?
21. Which retail billionaire became owner of Newcastle United in 2007?
22. In 2005, which two Newcastle United team-mates were sent off for fighting against each other in United's Premiership match with Aston Villa?
23. Which two clubs play in the M23 derby?
24. Which British team defeated Barcelona both home and away in a 1966/67 European Cup competition and also reached the semi-final of the 1984 European Cup?
25. If it was Naranjito in 1982, and Juanito in 1970, what was it in 1966?

Answers: Round 4

1. Germany
2. Gillingham
3. West Bromwich Albion
4. Virgil van Dijk
5. Darren Anderton
6. Ray Houghton
7. Rio Ferdinand
8. Gerd Muller
9. Kevin Campbell
10. Denis Law (1964), Bobby Charlton (1966), George Best (1968), and Cristiano Ronaldo (2008)
11. Dugouts (also, in 1978, Pittodrie became the second all-seated stadium in Great Britain)
12. Bayern Munich
13. The figures are female
14. Three (1974 (West Germany), 1978 (Argentina) and 1994 (United States))
15. Benfica
16. Roy Evans (in 1997)
17. Rugby League
18. Lev Yashin
19. Evo-Stik
20. Gordon Strachan
21. Mike Ashley (owner of Sports Direct)
22. Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer

23. Brighton and Crystal Palace
24. Dundee United
25. World Cup Willie (World Cup host mascots)

October Quiz answers - there were entries from Janet Carney, Belinda Stevenson, Ron Taylor, Ron & Hilary Coyne and Steve Ellis the winning entry was from Hilary & Ron Coyne who win the £25 prize.


1. Which artist painted the Poppy Field in 1873?
2. Which country is the world’s largest producer of cheese?
3. What goes into a White Russian cocktail?
4. Which film featured ‘King of Wishful Thinking’ by Go West?
5. Who was Henry VIII’s 3rd wife?
6. Who has won the most Oscars for acting in the history of the Academy Awards?
7. Which southern Italian city is usually credited as the birthplace of the pizza?
8. Pret a Manger is a popular sandwich chain in the UK, but what does the French name mean in English?
9. Where is the US Masters golf tournament held?
10. Which Beatles film featured the songs ‘You’re Going to Lose that Girl’ and Beethoven’s Symphony Number 9 in D Minor?
11. What language is spoken in Brazil?
12. In what year did Coronation Street first air on ITV?
13. What herb is used to make pesto?
14. What is the currency of Vietnam?
15. What temperature centigrade does water boil at?
16. What does Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien’s initials stand for?
17. What does GIF stand for?
18. Which former Beatle had a number one hit with Stevie Wonder in 1982?
19. What is the first line of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody?
20. Chim Chim Cher-ee from the film ‘Mary Poppins’ won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in which year?
21. How many UK number ones did Elvis Presley have in the 60s?
22. What is the chemical symbol of Gold?
23. In which fictional town is Coronation Street set in?
24. Who scored the fastest goal in Premier League history after just 7.69 seconds?
25. What is the capital of Canada?
26. What is the ancestral home of the Lannister family in Game Of Thrones?
27. Which song performed by Lady Gaga during the remake of A Star is Born won the Academy Award for Best Original Song 2019?
28. In 1952 Albert Einstein was offered the Presidency of which country?
29. Which Spice Girl has appeared as an extra in Emmerdale?
30. In which Spanish city was Paella invented?
31. Which city had the most visitors in the world in 2019?
32. Where is Strictly Come Dancing filmed?
33. What is the British name for a zucchini?
34. Which country defeated Britain in the battle for Singapore?
35. Whitney Houston had a huge hit with the theme tune from ‘The Bodyguard’, ‘I Will Always Love you’. But which artist wrote and originally released the song in 1973?
36. Who is the only British Prime Minister to ever have been assassinated?
37. How many actors have played James Bond?
38. Which footballer holds the record for the most trophies in a career, totalling 43?
39. What does the "SD" in SD card stand for?
40. Which movie has the best-selling soundtrack of all time?
41. What is Prime Minister Boris Johnson's first name?
42. Which country has the most colours on its flag?
43. Which King was responsible for building Windsor Castle?
44. Which league club was managed by both Bobby Robson and Alf Ramsey?
45. Richard Bachman is the pseudonym of which famous author?
46. What is the most consumed manufactured drink in the world?
47. Where in the human body is the Philtrum?
48. What nation was lead to independence by Jomo Kenyatta in 1963?
49. Which constellation is named after the mother of Andromeda?
50. Which cult movie soundtrack featured ‘Stuck in the Middle with You’?
51. In the "Wizard of Oz", what was the lion searching for?
52. Which country has the most active volcanoes?
53. What type of flower does a vanilla pod come from?
54. Who wrote the novel "Catch 22"?
55. Who came first to the British throne, the Tudors or the Stuarts?
56. Which of the Ivy League Universities is located in Connecticut?
57. In a standard pack of playing cards, how many cards are there in each suit?
58. Who wrote the children's novel, The Borrowers?
59. How many books make up the New Testament?
60. Which band recorded the 1977 album "Rumours"?
61. Aduki, borlotti and cannellini are types of what?
62. "'Tis better to have loved and lost,Than never to have loved at all" is a quote from which poet?
63. Courtney Love, the wife of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, was a member of which alternative rock band?
64. Which was the first feature film made by The Beatles?
65. The song ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ featured in the 1952 musical film of the same name. But which cult film released in 1971 also used this song in the soundtrack?
66. In which sport does Love mean nothing?
67. The 2010 musical "Love Never Dies" was a sequel to which long running West End production?
68. Grenadine is obtained from which fruit?
69. Who played rock and roll legend Billy Mack in the 2003 movie "Love Actually"?
70. In the novel by D H Lawrence what was the name of Lady Chatterley's Lover?
71. In which area of London did the "Jack the Ripper" murders take place in 1888?
72. In which African country would you find the Skeleton Coast?
73. In which conflict did Florence Nightingale develop her nursing techniques?
74. Which company makes the sweets known as "Love Hearts"?
75. What is the capital city of Australia?
76. Who won the 2019 US Golf Open?
77. In which Ocean are the Maldives to be found?
78. In which year did the first McDonalds restaurant open?
79. In the human body what connects the bladder to the kidneys?
80. Who did Margaret Thatcher replace as leader of the UK Conservative party?
81. At which battle in 1805 was Nelson mortally wounded?
82. What does an ichthyologist study?
83. What is the best-selling type of soup in the UK?
84. How many bottles of champagne in a magnum?
85. What is the second highest mountain in Africa?
86. In which country would you find the wine growing regions of Colchagua valley, Maipo Valley and Aconcagua Valley?
87. Which famous ship was found deserted in 1872?
88. Which island group that Britain fought a war over 149 years later was first annexed in 1833?
89. At what age did rock stars Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones and Jim Morrison all die?
90. Which rank in the Royal Air Force is immediately above a Wing Commander?
91. What does the acronym HTTP stand for?
92. Which British monarch was known as Brandy Nan?
93. Which artist performed ‘Hungry Eyes’ from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack?
94. From which country did the USA purchase the American Virgin Islands in 1916?
95. From which country does Blue Mountain Coffee originate?
96. Helena is the capital of which US State?
97. In which year was the Grand National declared void after two false starts?
98. Who succeeded Michael Foot as leader of the Labour Party?
99. Which two animals feature on the coat of arms of Australia?
100. When did ITV first come on the air?

For Septembers quiz (see answers below) we had entries from Janet Carney, Bev Mottershead, Steve Ellis, Ron Taylor and Hilary & Ron Coyne.

The winners were Hilary & Ron Coyne who receive the £25 prize.


1. Claude Monet
2. USA
3. Vodka, coffee liqueur, cream/milk
4. Pretty Woman
5. Jane Seymour
6. Katherine Hepburn
7. Naples
8. Ready to Eat
9. Augusta National Golf Club
10. Help!
11. Portugese
12. 1960
13. Basil
14. Vietnamese Dong
15. 100 degrees centigrade
16. John Ronald Reuel
17. Graphic Interchange Format
18. Paul McCartney
19. Is this real life? Is this just a fantasy?
20. 1964
21. 11
22. AU
23. Weatherfield
24. Shane Long
25. Ottawa
26. Casterly Rock
27. Shallow
28. Israel
29. Mel B
30. Valencia
31. Bangkok
32. Elstree Studios
33. Courgette
34. Japan
35. Dolly Parton
36. Spencer Perceval
37. Nine
38. Dani Alves
39. Secure Digital
40. The Bodyguard (1992)
41. Alexander
42. Belize
43. William I
44. Ipswich Town
45. Stephen King
46. Tea
47. Between the nose and lip
48. Kenya
49. Casseopia
50. Reservoir Dogs
51. Courage
52. Indonesia
53. Orchid
54. Joseph Heller
55. Tudors
56. Yale
57. 13
58. Mary Norton
59. 27
60. Fleetwood Mac
61. Beans
62. Alfred Lord Tennyson
63. Hole
64. A Hard Day's Night
65. A Clockwork Orange
66. Tennis
67. The Phantom of the Opera
68. Pomegranate
69. Bill Nighy
70. Oliver Mellors
71. Whitechapel
72. Namibia
73. Crimean War
74. Swizzels
75. Canberra
76. Gary Woodland
77. Indian
78. 1940
79. Ureters
80. Edward Heath
81. Trafalgar
82. Fish
83. Tomato
84. Two
85. Mount Kenya
86. Chile
87. Marie Celeste
88. The Falkland Islands
89. 27
90. Group Captain
91. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
92. Queen Anne
93. Eric Carmen
94. Denmark
95. Jamaica
96. Montana
97. 1993
98. Neil Kinnock
99. A Kangaroo and an Emu
100. 1955


1 What do the letters HMV stand for?
His Master’s Voice
2. Which plumber has featured in several popular video games?
3. Which anniversary does a crystal wedding celebrate?
4. Which popular spirit can be made from potatoes?
5. Who did Margret Thatcher follow as leader of the Conservative Party?
Ted Heath
6. What is the name of the Australian wind instrument made from bamboo, that was made famous by Rolf Harris?
A Didgeridoo
7. What is the international radio codeword for the letter R?
8. What is dry ice?
Solid Carbon Dioxide
9. Which acronym describes the type of sleep associated with dreaming?
REM (Rapid Eye Movement)
10. What word comes before the following: Birds eye, Jack sparrow and Hook?
11. At which cricket ground would you find the Nursery End?
12. In Rugby Union, what number does the hooker have?
13. What is the name of the Dallas American Football team?
Dallas Cowboys
14. In cricket, what does LBW stand for?
Leg Before Wicket
15. To which sport does the ‘butterfly’ stroke belong?
16. Into what two types of events is athletics divided?
Track and Field
17. What is the main trophy in American Baseball?
The World Series Will accept Commisioner’s Trophy
18. How many balls are used in a game of Pool?
19. Who was said to ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’?
Muhammad Ali
20. The term ‘Face off’ is used in which sport?
Ice Hockey
21. Paul O'Grady was originally famous for his drag appearances as who?
Lilly Savage
22. Which actor/writer presented the Crystal Maze and also wrote the Rocky Horror Picture Show?
Richard O’Brien
23. Who is Calvin Broadus better known as?
Snoop Dogg
24. Which pop star was arrested in 1998 for 'engaging in a lewd act' in a public toilet in California?
George Michael
25. What was Uri Gellar famous for?
Bending Spoons
26. Tom Cruise is an outspoken member of which religion?
27. Which pop singer married British movie director Guy Ritchie?
28. Who was David Beckham's alleged mistress?
Rebecca Loos
29. What is Brad Pitt's real full name?
William Bradley Pitt
30. What was the name of magician Paul Daniels' assistant and wife?
Debbie McGee
31. Finish this song lyric by Bryan Adams: 'I got my first real six-string, bought it at the five-and-dime...'
Played it 'til my fingers bled, it was the summer of '69.
32. 'Young man, there's no need to feel down' is a line from which song?
YMCA (Village People)
33. Which song features the lyric 'I bought a ticket to the world, but now I've come back again.'?
True (Spandau Ballet
34. What is the next line in this Travis song: 'Why does it always rain on me...'?
Is it because I lied when I was seventeen
35. 'Our house, in the middle of our street...' was a memorable lyric by which group?
36. Which song begins with the line 'The taxman's taken all my dough'?
Sunny Afternoon
37. According to the group Queen, who makes the rocking world go round?
Fat Bottomed Girls
38. Which 90's song contained the lyric 'I took her to a supermarket'?
Common People (Pulp)
39. 'Becuase maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me' is a line from which song?
Wonderwall (Oasis)
40. 'On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?'
Is the first line from which song? You Took the Words Right Out of my Mouth (Meatloaf)
41. What were the first names of the two Blues Brothers?
Jake and Elwood
42. In which film did Jamie Foxx play the part of a blind Musician?
43. Who starred in the film 'Mrs Doubtfire'?
Robin Williams
44. Which series of films featured a spacecraft called the 'Millennium Falcon'?
Star Wars
45. Who played Indiana Jones' father in the movie 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'?
Sean Connery
46. What was the name of the killer in the film 'Halloween'?
Michael Myers
47. Which 1979 science fiction movie was advertised by the slogan 'In space, no-one can hear you scream'?
48. Which British actor played Boromir in the Lord of the Rings trilogy?
Sean Bean
49. What was the name of Bruce Wayne’s butler?
50. Who starred alongside John Travolta in the movie 'Face Off'?
Nicholas Cage
51. Which American state is Jack Daniels whiskey commonly associated with?
52. What two drinks are mixed to make a "Black Velvet"?
Champagne and Guinness (Or Cider and Guinness - Poor Man's Black Velvet)
53. Which beer was known as ‘The Cream of Manchester?
54. Which brand of lager advertises itself as 'probably the best beer in the world'?
55. Tequila is most commonly associated with which county?
56. What are the alcoholic components of a 'White Russian' cocktail?
Vodka and Coffee Liquer (Usually Kaluha or Tia Maria)
57. Which brand of lager is described as 'Reassuringly Expensive'?
Stella Artois
58. 'Bulmer's Original Vintage Cider' is a brand of cider produced in Ireland. By what name is it sold outside of Ireland?
59. From which country does the drink Pernod originate?
60. The comedians Peter Kay and Jack Dee have appeared in TV commercials for which beer?
John Smiths
61. What past advert gave introduction to the phrase 'wassssup!'?
62. 'Once you pop you can't stop' is a slogan for which product?
63. Which energy drink 'gives you wings'?
Red Bull
64. True/False: Homer Simpson was used to advertise Doritos?
True (The slogan went Doh! Ritos!)
65. Finish this advertisement slogan: 'The car in front is a...'
66. With which breakfast cereal would you associate the honey monster?
Sugar Puffs
67. Which chewy sweet was 'Made to make your mouth water'?
Opal Fruits or Starburst
68. Which brand of chocolate 'Melts in your mouth, not in your hand'?
69. Complete this advertising slogan. 'There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's...'
70. Finish this advertisement slogan: 'Iif you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our...'
71. Which car name translates as 'people's car'?
72. Which triangle are ships said to have got lost in and never been seen again?
Bermuda Triangle
73. What is the hardest substance in the human body?
Tooth Enamel
74. Where in a boat is the stern?
75. In which group of islands is Tenerife?
The Canary Islands
76. What do the initials in NATO stand for?
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
77. What is a Zepplin?
Blimp/Hot Air Balloon/Airship
78. Which US State has the nickname 'The Sunshine State'?
79. How many words is a picture said to be worth?
A Thousand
80. What is the name of the mountain face in the USA into which the faces of four US presidents have been carved?
Mount Rushmore
81. In which TV programme did Frank and Betty Spencer appear?
Some mothers do 'ave 'em
82. What was the name of Blackadder's faithful servant?
83. At which pub are Del and Rodney regulars at in Only Fools and Horses?
The Nag's Head
84. Which British comedy drama is set on the 'Chatsworth Estate'?
85. In the British sitcom 'My Family', how many children to Ben and Susan Harper have?
3 (Nick, Janey, Michael)
86. Captain George Mainwaring (pronounced 'Mannering') is a character in which 1970's British sitcom?
Dad's Army
87. Which British sitcom tells the story of French cafe owner Rene' Artois?
'Allo 'Allo
88. In which town is the Phoenix Club in the TV show Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights?
89. Rowan Atkinson played PC Fowler in which British sitcom?
The Thin Blue Line
90. Chris Barrie plays a leisure center manager in which 90's British comedy?
The Brittas Empire
91. During which Hijri/ Arabic month, the Muslims hold month-long fasting in order to please Allah?
Ramadan (9th Hijri month)
92. Which character on the Teletubbies television series flows through Turin?
93. How many seconds it takes for food to reach your stomach?
Seven seconds
94. In which country did Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill meet on 28 November 1943?
95. Three African countries have a population of over 100 million — can you name them?
Nigeria (206M), Ethiopia (115M), and Egypt (102M)
96. If 6 is the first perfect number, can you name the second?
28 is the second perfect number. A perfect number is equal to the sum of all its divisors.
97. Which farmyard animal is the most intelligent?
98. Which acid is present in vinegar?
Acetic acid
99. West Ham has retired which number shirt in tribute to World Cup winner Bobby Moore?
Number 6
100. What colour are the berries found on the European mistletoe plant?

There were entries from Belinda Stevenson Steve Ellis Ian Pinches Ron Taylor Bev Mottershead and Ron & Hilary Coyne and the winner was Steve Ellis who wins the £25 prize


Round 1: True or false - Questions

1) The Channel Tunnel is the longest rail tunnel in the world
2) A woman has walked on the Moon
3) According to Scottish law, it is illegal to be drunk in charge of a cow
4) Vietnamese is an official language in Canada
5) The setting for the ITV drama Midsomer Murders is a fictional English county called Midsomer
6) An emu can fly
7) President Theodore Roosevelt's son was called Kermit
8) Edinburgh is further East than Carlisle
9) The can-opener was not invented until 45 years after the tin can
10) There are McDonald’s one every continent except one

Round 1: True or false - Answers

1) False – The Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland is 4 miles longer at 35.5 miles long
2) False
3) True
4) False
5) True
6) False
7) True
8) False
9) True
10) True

Round 2: Celebrity - Questions

1) Which singer was known amongst other things as 'The King of Pop'?
2) What is Cher's last name?
3) What is the name of Kim Kardashian's eldest child?
4) Who was the winner of the first ever UK series of ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’?
5) Which English supermodel was born is Streatham in May 1970?
6) Which footballer has the most Instagram followers in the world - as of 2020?
7) Tom Cruise is an outspoken member of which religion?
8) Who is Dolly Parton married to?
9) American singer Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is best known by which stagename?
10) Taylor Swift grew up on what type of farm?

Round 2: Celebrity - Answers

1) Michael Jackson
2) Sarkisian - full name Cherilyn Sarkisian
3) North West
4) Tony Blackburn
5) Naomi Campbell
6) Cristiano Ronaldo
7) Scientology
8) Carl Dean
9) Lady Gaga
10) Christmas Tree Farm

Round 3: Football - Questions

1) Which year was the Premier League founded?
2) Real Madrid won the first five European Cups - but which club was the second to win Europe's elite competition?
3) Who holds the record for most consecutive Premier League appearances (310)?
4) Which club won the 2017 UEFA Super Cup?
5) Who was manager of Manchester City when they won their first Premier League title?
6) Who has scored more career goals - Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?
7) Which Dutch player was voted 'European Player of the Century' in 1999?
8) Who scored the first Premier League hat-trick?
9) Which English referee officiated the 2010 World Cup final?
10) Wayne Rooney scored his Premier League first goal against which team?

Round 3: Football - Answers

1) 1992
2) Benfica
3) Brad Friedel
4) Real Madrid
5) Roberto Mancini
6) Cristiano Ronaldo
7) Johan Cruyff
8) Eric Cantona
9) Howard Webb
10) Arsenal

Round 4: Music - Questions

1) One Direction is known for being the runners-up in The X Factor in 2010, but who came first?
2) Which singer has the most UK Number One singles ever?
3) What was Britney Spears’ first single called?
4) Who is the only singer to have ever performed more than one James Bond theme song?
5) Who were the three headliners of Glastonbury 2019?
6) Who is the only musician ever to have been awarded the Nobel prize for literature?
7) Which Beatles song was banned from the BBC for its lyrics?
8) Who was the first female artist to achieve a UK number one with a self-written song?
9) What is the real name of U2’s guitarist, known as The Edge?
10) What is David Bowie’s real name?

Round 4: Music - Answers

1) Matt Cardle
2) Elvis Presley
3) Baby One More Time
4) Shirley Bassey (John Barry and his orchestra does not count as their theme is reused.)
5) The Cure, The Killers and Stormzy
6) Bob Dylan
7) I am the Walrus
8) Kate Bush
9) David Evans
10) David Jones

Round 5: TV - Questions

1) What is the capital of Westeros in Game of Thrones?
2) Who presented TV quiz Blockbusters between 1983 and 1995?
3) In Netflix's Tiger King, what is the name of Carole Baskin's second husband who many believe she fed to the tigers?
4) In Emmerdale, on New Year's Day in 2004, who died when The Woolpack pub's chimney came crashing down in a storm?
5) In what Netflix series does actress Gillian Anderson play a sex therapist?
6) Who played Queen Elizabeth II in the first two seasons of The Crown?
7) BBC Three series Normal People is based on a book but who is the author?
8) The six main stars of Friends appeared in all 236 episodes. Who is the next most regular character to appear in the show?
9) Who does the voiceover on Love Island?
10) In what year was the first episode of Coronation Street broadcasted on ITV?

Round 5: TV - Answers

1) King’s Landing
2) Bob Holness
3) Don Lewis
4) Trisha Dingle
5) Sex Education
6) Claire Foy
7) Sally Rooney
8) Gunther (151 episodes)
9) Iain Stirling
10) 1960

Round 6: Food and drink - Questions

1) Which nuts are used in marzipan?
2) What is the most famous Mexican beer?
3) Which country is the origin of the cocktail Mojito?
4) What is Japanese sake made from?
5) Which vitamin is the only one that you will not find in an egg?
6) What is the chemical formula for Table Salt?
7) What does IPA stand for?
8) Which meat is used in Glamorgan sausages?
9) What ingredient is included in food in a Florentine style?
10) Which fish is the main ingredient of Scotch Woodcock?

Round 6: Food and drink - Answers

1) Almonds
2) Corona
3) Cuba
4) Rice
5) Vitamin C
6) NaCl
7) Indian Pale Ale
8) None, they are made from cheese
9) Spinach
10) Anchovy

Round 7: Politics - Questions

1) Who was the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated?
2) How long does Prime Minister’s Questions last?
3) How many Members of Parliament (MPs) are there?
4) What is the middle name of Angela Merkel?
5) America's Republican Party is commonly referred to as the GOP - what does the GOP stand for?
6) Who is Donald Trump's vice president?
7) In which year did Britain originally join the EEC, now known as the European Union?
8) How many of the six founding members of the European Union can you name? A point for each.
9) What is the name given to the group of people who make sure MPs attend important votes?
10) On what subject was the first referendum in Britain?

Round 7: Politics - Answers

1) Spencer Perceval - May 1812
2) 30 minutes
3) 650
4) Dorothea
5) Grand Old Party
6) Mike Pence
7) 1973
8) Belgium, France, West Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands
9) Whips
10) Remaining in the EEC (1975)

Round 8: Geography - Questions

1) What is the capital of Chile?
2) What is the highest mountain in Britain?
3) What is the smallest country in the world?
4) Alberta is a province of which country?
5) How many countries still have the shilling as currency?
6) Which is the only vowel not used as the first letter in a US State?
7) What is the largest country in the world?
8) Where would you find the River Thames?
9) What is the hottest continent on Earth?
10) What is the longest river in the world?

Round 8: Geography - Answers

1) Santiago
2) Ben Nevis
3) Vatican City
4) Canada
5) Four – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Somalia
6) E
7) Russia
8) London, UK
9) Africa
10) River Nile

Round 9: History - Questions

1) What did the Romans call Scotland?
2) Who was made Lord Mayor of London In 1397, 1398, 1406 And 1419?
3) Who was Henry VIIIs last wife?
4) Who was the youngest British Prime Minister?
5) In which year was Joan of Arc burned at the stake?
6) Which nationality was the polar explorer Roald Amundsen?
7) Who was the first female Prime Minister of Australia?
8) Which English explorer was executed in 1618, fifteen year after being found guilty of conspiracy against King James I of England and VI of Scotland?
9) Which English city was once known as Duroliponte?
10) The first successful vaccine was introduced by Edward Jenner in 1796. Which disease did it guard against?

Round 9: History - Answers

1) Caledonia
2) Richard (Dick) Whittington
3) Catherine Parr
4) William Pitt (The Younger)
5) 1431
6) Norwegian
7) Julia Gillard (2010-2013)
8) Sir Walter Raleigh
9) Cambridge
10) Smallpox

Round 10: Sport - Questions

1) What are the five colours of the Olympic rings?
2) In football, which team has won the Champions League (formerly the European Cup) the most?
3) How many players are there in a rugby league team?
4) Which horse is the only three-time winner of the Grand National?
5) Since 1977, where has snooker's World Championship taken place?
6) In tennis, what piece of fruit is found at the top of the men's Wimbledon trophy?
7) Who won the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2019?
8) In bowling, what is the term given for three consecutive strikes?
9) How many world titles has Phil Taylor won in darts?
10) In golf, where does the Masters take place?

Round 10: Sport - Answers

1) Blue, yellow, black, green and red
2) Real Madrid (13)
3) 13
4) Red Rum
5) Crucible Theatre
6) Pineapple
7) USA
8) A turkey
9) 16
10) Augusta National

July Quiz - there were entries from Belinda Stevenson, Ron Taylor, Bev Mottershead, Ron & Hilary Coyne and Dave Woolley. Winning entry was submitted by Ron & Hilary Coyne who win the £25 prize.


Q: What does a lepidopterist collect?
A: Butterflies (and moths)
Q: What product was the first to appear in a UK TV commercial (in 1955)?
A: Toothpaste (Gibbs SR)
Q: What flavour is the liqueur cassis?
A: Blackcurrant
Q: What was Tom Jones' first UK number one single?
A: It's Not Unusual
Q: In which country was ex-England cricket captain Tony Greig born?
A: South Africa
Q: Who wrote the novel, Treasure Island?
A: Robert Louis Stevenson
Q: What does OPEC stand for?
A: Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
Q: Nephritis is the inflamation of which part of the body?
A: Kidneys
Q: In 1960 which country had the first ever woman prime minister?
A: (Ceylon) Sri Lanka (Sirimavo Bandaranaike)
Q: What acid is associated with muscles in the body experiencing lack of oxygen?
A: Lactic acid
Q: Who sang the theme tune to the Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies?
A: Sheryl Crow
Q: Eugene the Jeep featured in which comic strip?
A: Popeye
Q: Kulfi is a type of which Indian food?
A: Ice-cream
Q: Who discovered penicillin?
A: Alexander Fleming (1928)
Q: What is the collective name for a group of beavers?
A: Colony
Q: In which English county is the ancient monument Stonehenge?
A: Wiltshire
Q: Who is the Roman god of fire?
A: Vulcan
Q: Which band released an album entitled Wish You Were Here?
A: Pink Floyd
Q: What does an acrophobic fear?
A: Heights
Q: What is the capital of Peru?
A: Lima
Q: Who was the driver of the car in which Princess Diana was killed?
A: Henri Paul
Q: Who was the 1st Bond Girl?
A: Ursula Andress
Q: What sport is played by the LA Lakers?
A: Basketball
Q: Which rock 'n' roll star was killed in a car crash during a British tour in 1960?
A: Eddie Cochran
Q: What kind of tree did the 'Jolly Swagman' camp beside?
A: Coolibah Tree
Q: Which military rank does James Bond hold?
A: Commander (a naval officer next in rank below captain)
Q: What was the name of Batman's butler?
A: Alfred
Q: In what year was hanging abolished in the UK?
A: Last Hanging 1964,Capotal Punishment suspended for hanging in 1965 and FINALLY ABOLISHED 1969
Q: What was the name of the Skipper in Moby Dick?
A: Captain Ahab
Q: What's the only active volcano in mainland Europe?
A: Vesuvius
Q: In the Wild West, what did the Red Indians call whisky?
A: Firewater
Q: Which day didn't Bob Geldoff like?
A: Mondays
Q: What is the capital of Pakistan?
A: Islamabad
Q: Which war was fought between 1936 and 1939?
A: Spanish Civil War
Q: Where in the body is the Scapula?
A: Shoulder blade
Q: What property of a body is calculated by multiplying its mass by its velocity?
A: Momentum
Q: It means Aunt Mary in English, but by what name do we usually know this drink?
A: Tia Maria
Q: Following the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, the US Army produced a set of playing cards featuring its 52 most wanted Iraqis. Which card was assigned to Saddam Hussein?
A: Ace of Spades
Q: What is the name of the baked, light, sweet or savoury, dish whose name derives from the French 'to puff up'?
A: Souffle
Q: Montezuma II was the last King of Whom?
A: The Aztecs
Q: Who composed the ballet Swan Lake?
A: Tchaikovsky
Q: What name is given to the President’s study in the White House?
A: The Oval Office
Q: Who became the first black manager of a Premiership club when he took over at Chelsea in 1996?
A: Ruud Gullit
Q: What is the Capital of New Zealand?
A: Wellington
Q: What is the opposite of a 'Concave' lens?
A: Convex
Q: Which was the first country to have a public monorail system?
A: Japan
Q: Which three flavours make up a Neapolitan ice cream?
A: Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate
Q: From which continent did the guinea pig originate?
A: South America
Q: What is floating wreckage at sea called?
A: Flotsam (Jetsam is discarded material which has been washed ashore)
Q: Taken from the word for lid, what name is given to an assortment of Spanish hors d’oeuvres?
A: Tapas
Q: If you were "Doing Leap Frog" or "Walking the Dog" what equipment would you be using?
A: Yo Yo
Q: To whom is the most mail addressed?
A: Santa Claus
Q: Who along with Vince Clark formed the pop duo Yazoo?
A: Alison Moyet
Q: Other than Psalms, which other Book of the Old Testament begins with ‘P’?
A: Proverbs
Q: In English cricket what do the letters TCCB stand for?
A: Test and County Cricket Board
Q: Which military base in North Kentucky holds the US Gold Reserves?
A: Fort Knox
Q: Which 60's rock group recorded a lighter shade of pale?
A: Procol Harum
Q: Jerk, clean & snatch are terms used in what activity?
A: Weight lifting
Q: Meaning before noon what does the acronym AM stand for?
A: Ante meridian
Q: Which beverage may be black or green?
A: Tea
Q: What is the next prime number after 37?
A: 41
Q: What was the name of the donkey in Winnie the Pooh?
A: Eeyore
Q: Which French town has a reputation for miracle cures?
A: Lourdes
Q: What is a nickelodeon?
A: A cinema
Q: In which Sport does your team only have to travel 3.6 metres To Win?
A: Tug Of War
Q: What name is given to plants that last for many years?
A: Perrennials
Q: What is the common name for loss of peripheral sight?
A: Tunnel vision
Q: Which moor is the setting of the Sherlock Holmes novel “The Hound Of The Baskervilles
A: Dartmoor
Q: Which word means the forecast of the probable course or outcome of a disease?
A: Prognosis
Q: What name is given to a person that stuffs animals?
A: Taxidermist
Q: What is the official language of Austria
A: German
Q: What does a ‘Sommelier’ Do?
A: Wine taster
Q: Strenuous exercise can cause a build-up of which acid in the muscles?
A: Lactic Acid
Q: What is Fred Flintstone's favourite sport?
A: Ten pin bowling
Q: What do Americans call a pack of playing cards?
A: Deck
Q: Which famous musical opens up with an auction underneath a Paris theatre?
A: Phantom of the opera
Q: What is the world's largest animal-made structure?
A: The Great Barrier Reef
Q: What name is given to the chalice used by Jesus at the Last Supper?
A: The Holy Grail
Q: What is the age limit after which a Cardinal can't vote for the next Pope?
A: 80
Q: Which Bradford born vocalist duetted with Elton John on the hit single 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart'?
A: Kiki Dee
Q: Which of the following is the odd one out: Ming, Royal Doulton, Chippendale, and Wedgwood?
A: Chippendale (It's furniture). The rest are pottery.
Q: Pyongyang is the capital of which Asian country?
A: North Korea
Q: In which country was former motor racing driver Ayrton Senna born?
A: Brazil
Q: Which is the world's longest mountain range?
A: The Mid-Ocean Ridge - Above Water:- The Andes
Q: How old is a filly when she officially becomes a mare?
A: 4
Q: Where are all British monarchs crowned?
A: Westminster Abbey
Q: Which is the deepest land gorge in the world?
A: The Grand Canyon (will accept Colca Canyon)
Q: Which group had a UK hit in 1985 with Walking On Sunshine?
A: Katrina and the waves
Q: Is Brian Lara left or right handed when batting?
A: Left
Q: What colour was Moby Dick?
A: White
Q: Which country's capital city is San Salvador?
A: El Salvador
Q: What movement did Lord Baden Powell found?
A: Boy scouts
Q: Which male singer was backed by the "Heartbreakers"?
A: Tom Petty
Q: What is the plural on the word Mongoose?
A: Mongooses
Q: Which paper size is 210mm x 297mm?
A: A4
Q: Who was married to JR in Dallas?
A: Sue Ellen (Linda Grey)
Q: Which group was on a Road to Nowhere in 1985?
A: Talking Heads
Q: Who wrote Pride and Prejudice?
A: Jane Austen
Q: What is the last letter of the Greek Alphabet?
A: Omega
Q: What was the former name of Ho Chi Minh City?
A: Saigon
Q: Who was the last British Governor of Hong Kong?
A: Chris Patten
Q: Who had a top ten hit single with Sweet Child O' Mine in 1989?
A: Guns 'n Roses
Q: What animal is on the top of the Calcutta Cup?
A: Elephant
Q: What do Americans call the game that we call draughts?
A: Checkers
Q: In which country was George Best born?
A: N Ireland
Q: In mythology who fired the arrow that struck Achilles in his heel?
A: Paris
Q: Who had the best selling single in Europe in 1987 with Never Gonna Give You Up?
A: Rick Astley
Q: Where would you find a Purser?
A: On a ship (more recently, also commercial aircraft) - in charge of money and documentation
Q: In fairy tales - what was the name of the little man who could turn straw into gold
A: Rumplestiltskin
Q: Who was Anne Hathaway married to?
A: William Shakespeare
Q: What is the most Westerly county in England?
A: Cornwall
Q: Which song begins: "The road is long, with many a winding turn"?
A: He ain't heavy, he's my brother
Q: What do Sumo wrestlers throw into the ring prior to a match?
A: Salt
Q: Pb is the chemical symbol for which element?
A: Lead
Q: Which cocktail consists of Tia Maria, Vodka and Coke?
A: Black Russian
Q: In which city would you find the International Court of Justice?
A: The Hague (Netherlands)
Q: Which singer came third in the 1973 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Power To All Our Friends"?
A: Cliff Richard
Q: Who wrote the novels about Hercule Poirot and Miss Jane Marple?
A: Agatha Christie
Q: What is a Natterjack?
A: A toad
Q: Which word goes before the following to make 3 new words, 'Gain', 'Row' and 'Tender'?
A: Bar
Q: What do the initials ISBN stand for?
A: International standard book number

June Quiz answers - there were entries from Steve Ellis, Alison Howitt, Bev Mottershead, Ron & Hilary Coyne, Ron Taylor, Belinda Stevenson & Dave Woolley.

The winning entry was from Ron & Hilary Coyne who win the £25 prize.

15. COOL ENERGY EGO is an anagram of what Academy Award winning actor?
16. KENNETH LURE RAT is an anagram of what Golden Globe winning actress?
17. FAT GIRL LED LAZE is an anagram of what well known female singer born in 1917?
18. ROUSING MORTALS is an anagram of what famous American musician who died in 1971?
19. HOT DAREDEVIL is an anagram of what American rock vocalist?
20. CLUE OVER AIRLINE is an anagram of what actor born in 1907?
21. I WARM BILLIONS is an anagram of what Academy Award winning actor?
22. THE GREAT CHARM RAT is an anagram of what 20th century British politician?
23. A DEMONIC LINK is an anagram of which well known actress?
24. GIDDY OLD AGE LOVER is an anagram of what early 20th century British Prime Minister?
25. GRIM EMOTION CLONE is an anagram of what well known golfer?
26. BUTTRESS HOGS is an anagram of what 1984 film?
27. I'M A NICE LEACH is an anagram of what well known British actor born in 1933?
28. AN ENGLISH LIKE SCRAP is an anagram of what popular breed of dog?
29. SCREEN IS A STORM is an anagram of what well known film director?
30. NICE LAND, OPIUM CRIB is an anagram of what New World country?
31. MANIAC RAT PONG is an anagram of what well known alcoholic brand name?
32. LEAN AND SOLEMN is an anagram of what world renowned former head of state?
33. DRILLS IN CHEST is an anagram of which Academy award film from the 1990s?

34 What name is given to a swimming pool whose positioning gives the impression that it merges into the surrounding landscape, especially the sea?
35 In which television Western drama did Burton Reynolds first become famous?
36 Which part of the human body is measured using the cephalix index?
37 What does a lapidarist work with?
38 How is the number 99 written in Roman numerals?
39 The PDSA Dickin Medal is an award for animal bravery (it is commonly referred to as "the animals' Victoria Cross"); the medal was awarded 54 times between 1943 and 1949, which type of animal won the most?
40 "Goodbye, Piccadilly, farewell, Leicester Square!" are chorus lines from which song popular among soldiers in the First World War?
41 A Kingdom Hall is a place of worship used by which group of people?
42 Which sweet North American soft drink is traditionally made from the sassafras tree?
43 What name is given to the network of secret routes and safe houses established in the United States in the mid-19th century to help slaves escape to the free states and Canada?
44 Who is Shawn Corey Carter married to?
45 Which British chocolate and confectionery maker based in York, was founded in 1767, and in 1993 taken over by Kraft Foods?
46 What number is represented by the roman numerals CM?
47 What was directed by Ridley Scott at Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset, in 1973?
48 What name is given to the support about which a lever pivots?
49 Which footballer is best known for being the record holder for most goals scored in a single tournament of the FIFA World Cup? (Hint: it was in 1958)
50 Which cartoon characters catchphrase is, "Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits"?
51 The four types of coal include peat, bituminous, anthracite, and which other type?
52 The name of which concentrated soft drink brand translates to an informal "hello" in the Maori Language?
53 In the novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe set sail from which English seaport in 1651?
54 Name the capital city of the Tyrol region in western Austria, which is also the fifth-largest city in Austria?
55 Which is the strongest material ever tested by scientists?
56 Name the highest mountain in the Rocky Mountains Range (Hint: when spelled backwards it refers to tones whose frequency is at the higher end of human hearing)?
57 In 1992, which duo found fame in the UK when they joined The Big Breakfast and later had a UK top five single with "Them Girls Them Girls"?
58 The name of which ancient continent is named after a region of India, inhabited by the Gondi people?
59 Which American film and television actress is best known for her role as Jennifer Hart in the 1980s television series Hart to Hart?
60 In 1872, which country played England in the first ever international game of football?
61 Who married comedian Les Dennis in 1995?
62 Claire Richards was the lead singer in which dance-pop group?
63 Who became First Minister of Scotland after Alex Salmond's resignation?
64 Which Irish novelist was personal assistant of actor Henry Irving and business manager of the Lyceum Theatre in London?
65 Which singer starred in the televison documentary From Riches to Rags?
66 Who said: "The history of the world is but the biography of great men."?
67 How many hurdles are there in a 400 metres hurdles race?
68 In 1811, nearly a quarter of all the women in Britain were called what name?
69 In which city did Roger Bannister run the first sub-four-minute mile in 1954?
70 Which large animal kills more people than any other animal in Africa?
71 Which country do swallows migrate to when they leave Britain for the winter?
72 Which country has the second largest land mass in the world if water is excluded?
73 In fashion, what do the initials DKNY stand for?
74 Occurring twice yearly, what name is given to a day consisting of twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness?
75 How many X chromosomes do women have?
76 Which city is the largest port in Germany?
77 Which country is the natural habitat of the emu?
78 Where in the world does the Up Helly Aa Fire Festival take place, which culminates in the burning of a Viking longship?
79 In Casablanca what is the name of the nightclub ?
80 What was the first James Bond book ?
81 What kind of animal is a lurcher ?
82 What is the currency of Austria ?
83 What is the Islamic equal to the red cross ?
84 In fable who sold a cow for five beans ?
85 How did Alfred Nobel make his money ?
86 Who was the first man to run a sub four minute mile ?
87 What are Munroes ?
88 Which car company makes the Celica ?
89 Air Lingus is the national airline of which country ?
90 Who discovered radium ?
91 What does an alopecia sufferer lack ?
92 Who painted The Haywain ?
93 Triskadeccaphobia is the fear of what Number ?
94 What is a baby rabbit called ?
95 Which country had The Dauphin as a ruler ?
96 Who did Michael Caine play in the Ipcress File (both names) ?
97 Who won Euro song contest with Save All Your Kisses For Me ?
98 Which country had the guns of Naverone installed ?
99 Ictheologists study what ?
100 What is a Winston Churchill ?


1 Good Looking
2 Criminal
3 Potatoes
4 Neon Lights
5 Putting the Past Behind You
6 The Aftermath
7 Foreign Language
8 Search High and Low
9 Excuse Me
10 Painless Operation
11 Fork in the Road
12 Dominoes
13 (Long) Side Burns
14 A little on the large side
15 George Clooney
16 Kathleen Turner
17 Ella Fitzgerald
18 Louis Armstrong
19 David Lee Roth
20 Laurence Olivier
21 Robin Williams
22 Margaret Thatcher
23 Nicole Kidman
24 David Lloyd George
25 Colin Montgomerie
26 Ghostbusters
27 Michael Caine
28 King Charles Spaniel
29 Martin Scorsese
30 Dominican Republic
31 Captain Morgan
32 Nelson Mandela
33 Schindler’s List
34 An infinity pool
35 Gunsmoke
36 The head (skull)
37 Gemstones
39 Pigeon
40 It’s a Long Way to Tipperary
41 Jehovah’s Witnesses
42 Root beer
43 The Underground Railroad
44 Beyonce Knowles
45 Terry’s
46 900
47 Hovis TV advert
48 Fulcrum
49 Just Fontaine
50 Elmer Fudd
51 Lignite
52 Kia Ora
53 (Kingston Upon) Hull
54 Innsbruck
55 Graphene
56 Mount Elbert
57 Zig and Zag
58 Gondwanaland
59 Stefanie Powers
60 Scotland
61 Amanda Holden
62 Steps
63 Nicola Sturgeon
64 Bram Stoker
65 Lily Allen
Thomas Carlyle
67 10
68 Mary
69 Oxford
70 Hippopotamus
71 South Africa
72 China
73 Donna Karan New York
74 Equinox
75 2
76 Hamburg
77 Australia
78 Shetland Isles (Lerwick)
79 Rick’s
80 Casino Royale
81 Dog
82 Euro
83 Red Crescent
84 Jack
85 Invention of dynamite
86 Roger Bannister
87 Mountains over 3000 feet in Scotland
88 Toyota
89 Republic of Ireland
90 Marie and Pierre Curie
91 Hair
92 Constable
93 13
94 Kittens
95 France
96 Harry Palmer
97 Brotherhood of Man
98 Turkey
99 Fish
100 Cigar

Answers to May Quiz above, for which there were entries from Steve Ellis, Bev Mottershead, Ron & Hilary Coyne, Ron Taylor, Ian Pinches and Dave Woolley.

The winning entry drawn was from Ron & Hilary Coyne who win the £25 prize.


1. On which river does the French city of Avignon stand? Rhone.
2. Who, in a Shakespeare play, were Valentine and Proteus? The Two Gentlemen of Verona.
3. In an alphabetical list of US Presidents up to 2021, which would appear first? John Adams (1797- 1801).
4. Which Irish artist and writer does Daniel Day-Lewis portray in the film My Left Foot? Christy Brown.
5. Which songs with "Gold" or "Golden" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists,[a] Billy Cotton & his Band (1953), [b] Spandau Ballet (1983), [c] Tina Turner (1995), [d] Yeah,Yeah, Yeahs, (2006) and [e] David Bowie (1975)? [a] "In a Golden Coach", reached no 3, [b] "Gold", no 1, [c] "GoldenEye", no 10, [d] "Gold Lion", no 18 and [e] "Golden Years", no 8.
6. Which children's TV series featured the woodpecker Professor Yaffle? Bagpuss.
7. Which of the German states is the most populous? North Rhine-Westphalia.
8. What is the name of the pilgrim in John Bunyan's "The Pilgrim's Progress"? Christian.
9. Which on-line music service was founded by Daniel Ek & Martin Lorentzon in 2006? Spotify.
10. What are Blewits an edible form of? Fungi.
11. In which sport did actor Jason Statham represent England in the 1990 Commonwealth Games? Diving.
12. In Japan what would you do with a Koto? Play it (Musical instrument).
13. Charles Lynton were the middle names of which British Prime Minister? Tony Blair.
14. Granadine is obtained from which fruit? Pomegranate.
15. Which Central American country has the Quetzal as it's unit of currency? Guatemala.
16. Who wrote the poem that begins with the line "Come friendly bombs, and fall on Slough"? John Betjemen.
17. The Battle of Alma took place in which war? Crimean.
18. What are the SIX official languages of the United Nations? Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian & Spanish.
19. Who had a UK number 1 in 1971 with "Get It On"? T Rex.
20. In cooking, what is an olio? A dish of many ingredients.
21. In which fictional village did Rupert Bear and his friends live? Nutwood.
22. Which of the Ivy League Universities is located in New Hampshire? Dartmouth.
23. At what speed does the Delorean in "Back to the Future" start to time travel? 88 mph.
24. Which 1841 ballet is often referred to as "The Hamlet of the ballet world"? Giselle.
25. Which songs with "Mind" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists [a] Ellie Goulding (2015), [b] The Barron Knights (1980), [c] Elvis Presley (1969), [d] Usher ft. Juicy J. (2015) and (e) Anthony Newley (1960)? [a] "On My Mind" reached no 5, [b] "Never Mind the Presents", no 17, [c] "Suspicious Minds", no 2, [d] "I Don't Mind", no 8 and [e] "Do You Mind?", no 1.
26. In which year did the Ten shilling note cease to be legal tender? 1970
27. What title is given to the Prime Minister of Ireland? Taoiseach.
28. In which British city would you find the Jorvik Museum? York.
29. What name is given to the first ten amendments to the US constitution? The Bill of Rights.
30. As from November 2017, how many characters are allowed in a Twitter tweet? 280
31. What name is given to the lining of the human abdominal cavity? Peritoneum.
32. In which plays by William Shakespeare do the following characters appear, [a] Cordelia, [b] Friar Laurence, [c] Katharina, [d] Nick Bottom and [e] Ophelia? [a] King Lear, [b] Romeo and Juliet, [c] The Taming of the Shrew, [d] A Midsummer Night's Dream and [e] Hamlet.
33. Which was the only English King from the House of Hanover not to be called George? William IV.
34. Who as at 2020 are the four English winners of football's Ballon d'Or? Stanley Matthews (1956), Bobby Charlton (1966), Kevin Keegan (1977 & 1978) and Michael Owen (2001).
35. In which decade were plastic lego bricks first produced? 1950s (1958)
36. Which band released the album "Achtung Baby" in 1991? U2.
37. How many sides are there on a hendecagon? Eleven.
38. Which city in 1985 became the first European Capital of Culture? Athens.
39. Which river flows through the capital city of the USA? River Potomac.
40. Who wrote the Jennings series of children's books? Anthony Buckeridge.
41. Who played Dr Richard Kimble in the 1993 movie version of "The Fugitive"? Harrison Ford.
42. Based on a French fairy-tale which 1991 movie became Walt Disney's 30th animated classic? Beauty and the Beast.
43. Who played LAPD cop Martin Pendergast on his last day at work in "Falling Down"? Robert Duvall.
44. Which actress supplied the voice of Esmeralda in Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"? Demi Moore.
45. In which city was the young Kevin Mcallister left in "Home Alone"? Chicago.
46. Which 1998 movie starred Matthew Broderick as Dr. Tatopoulos? Godzilla.
47. Featured in the 1992 movie "The Bodyguard" who wrote the song "I Will Always Love You"? Dolly Parton.
48. Who starred as Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife in 1994's "True Lies"? Jamie Lee Curtis.
49. Who played the role of Paris Carver, James Bond's ex-girlfriend in "Tomorrow Never Dies"? Teri Hatcher.
50. Which Queen song famously featured in the 1992 film "Wayne's World"? Bohemian Rhapsody.
51. Who wrote the novel on which the 1998 movie "The Man in the Iron Mask" is based? Alexandre Dumas.
52. Who provided the voice for Buzz Lightyear in 1995's "Toy Story"? Tim Allen.
53. What was the title of the 1999 movie featuring the Muppets? "Muppets From Space".
54. Which 1997 horror movie saw Buffy actress Sarah Michelle Gellar playing a pageant queen? "I Know What you did Last Summer".
55. Of which movie is 1991's "Hot Shots" a comedy spoof ? Top Gun.
56. Which 1995 movie featuring Mel Gibson won the Best Picture Oscar? Braveheart.
57. For which 1990 film did Jeremy Irons win his Best Actor Oscar? Reversal of Fortune.
58. Which actor was accidentally killed on the set of the 1994 movie "The Crow"? Brandon Lee.
59. Who provided the voice for Jane in Disney's 1999 animation "Tarzan"? Minnie Driver.
60. Which 1996 movie was based on the life of pianist David Helfgott? Shine.
61. On what form of transport would you find a Plimsoll Line? A ship.
62. What is the name given to abnormally low blood pressure? Hypotension.
63. What is the name given to the temperature above which it is impossible to liquefy a gas no matter what the pressure? The Critical Point (or Temperature).
64. What colour does litmus turn in an alkaline solution? Blue.
65. In computing, what does the acronym COBOL stand for? Common Business Orientated Language.
66. Which is the seventh planet from the Sun? Uranus.
67. At over 1700 km in length, which is the World's longest canal? Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.
68. What is the name of the pungent gas having the formula NH3? Ammonia.
69. What name is given to the young of a hare? Leveret.
70. By what is Deoxyribonucleic acid better known as? DNA.
71. What freezes to form Dry Ice? Carbon DiOxide.
72. What name is given to the elements in Group 0 of the Periodic Table? The Noble (or Inert) Gases.
73. Which insect acts as the transmitting agent in the spread of the infectious disease "Sleeping Sickness"? Tsetse Fly.
74. In geometry, what do the angles in a triangle add up to in degrees? 180
75. Which gas was once known as ' Fire Damp ' because it often caused explosions in mines ? Methane.
76. Who in 1983 became the first American woman in space? Sally Ride.
77. Border, Merino and Ryeland are all breeds of which farm animal? Sheep.
78. How many teeth does an adult human usually have? 32
79. What does a Bourdon gauge measure? Gas pressure.
80. Who is credited with the invention of the modern Periodic Table? Mendeleev.
81. In which city was the "Titanic" built? Belfast.
82. In which English county would you find Stonehenge? Wiltshire.
83. Which UK city was called Eboracum by the Romans? York.
84. The former Royal Yacht Britannia is now a tourist attraction, in which city is it moored? Edinburgh.
85. Which motorway connects London to Winchester? The M3.
86. What is the capital of the Isle of Man? Douglas.
87. What are the name of the hills that separate England from Scotland? The Cheviot Hills.
88. Which is further north, Edinburgh or Dundee? Dundee.
89. Which two London boroughs begin with the letter "E"? Enfield & Ealing.
90. What is Lindisfarne also known as? Holy Island.
91. In which English town would you find the 'Bridge of Sighs'? Cambridge.
92. Rothesay is the principal town on which Scottish island? Bute.
93. The hill known as Wenlock Edge stands in which county? Shropshire.
94. Which large lake sits in the centre of Northern Ireland? Lough Neagh.
95. Which is the most Northerly town in the British Islands? Lerwick (Shetland Islands).
96. Which is the most Easterly town in the British Islands? Lowestoft.
97. In which county does Kinder Scout, the highest peak in the Peak District, lie? Derbyshire.
98. Near which town would you find "The Angel of the North"? Gateshead.
99. In which town is the National Library of Wales? Aberystwyth.
100. Which two counties does the Dartford crossing connect? Essex & Kent.

April quiz - we had entries from Bev Mottershead, Janet Carney, Belinda Stevenson, Anne-Marie Rainbow, Ron Taylor, Ron & Hilary Coyne, Allen Dearing, Dave Woolley and Steve Ellis - the winner of the £25 prize was Steve Ellis.


1. Who was Leonardo di Caprio's co-star in Titanic?
2. Will Smith played the part of Steven Hiller in the film 'Independence Day'. What was his codename?
3. In the movies who plays the role of Harry Potter?
4. In which film did Jim Carrey play the bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss?
5. You’re playing darts and got a 'Shanghai' score of 72 with 3 darts - which number have you scored on?
6. Name 5 James Bond films that have a one-word title.
7. Who or what is known as the Old lady of Threadneedle street?
8. What's the only active volcano in mainland Europe?
9. Who was the driver of the car in which Princess Diana was killed?
10. What does an acrophobic fear?
11. What is the name of the process used for clarifying beer or wine?
12. Who plays Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives?
13. In the TV comedy Dad's Army what is Captain Mainwaring's first name?
14. Which US city hosted the 1985 Live Aid concert?
15. What was Radar's surname in MASH?
16. In the famous Nintendo games, what is the name of Mario's brother?
17. Which comedian was born 'Maurice Cole'?
18. Which TV detective was wheelchair-bound?
19. What is the name of the dog in The Magic Roundabout?
20. The song “I’ll be there for you” is the theme to which TV show?
21. Who wrote ‘The Jungle Book’?
22. Who played the title role in the film ‘Shirley Valentine’?
23. What does an ‘oologist’ (pronounced oo-all-o-gist) collect or study?
24. Who had hits with ‘I Am a Rock’ and ‘The Boxer’?
25. How many US States names begin with the letter ‘A’?
26. Which founder of the Mongol Empire took a name that translates as Emperor of All?
27. Who, in 1943, wrote the book ‘The Gremlins’ which was later turned into a successful film?
28. Which European capital city is heated by volcanic springs?
29. In February 2000, Frodo Baggins was the first what to enter Britain under a new scheme that had originally been suggested by the Monster Raving Loony Party?
30. Which Sports Personality was named the BBC Worldwide Sports Personality of the 20th Century?
31. The Pillars of Hercules stands either side of which stretch of water?
32. In what year did decimalization of British currency take place?
33. Who was the British actor who won an Oscar for his part in ‘The Bridge over the River Kwai’?
34. What is the name of Prince Edward’s production company?
35. What was the Wright Brother’s first plane called?
36 Since it's debut in 2015, Hamilton has become one of the biggest musicals of all time. But who wrote it?
37 Which hit video game series has released games called World At War and Black Ops?
38 Who wrote the books Gone Girl and Sharp Objects?
39 Where did I'm a Celebrity 2020 take place?
40 Which famous TV chef started cooking at just eight years old in his parents' pub 'The Cricketers' in Essex?
41 What is Barbie, the doll's, full name?
42 Who provided the voice for Dory in the Finding Nemo films?
43 Which former Doctor Who actress plays Nebula in the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy franchises?
44 Which iconic singer was known as 'The King of Pop'?
45 Which American pop star had back to back hits in 2015 with 'Sorry' and 'Love Yourself'?
46 Which artist created 'Campbell's Soup Cans' in 1962?
47 Which artist is famous for their work which includes preserved dead animals, including a shark, a sheep and a cow?
48 Which Bond film was released in 2006, starring Daniel Craig?
49 What are the names of the six suspects in Cluedo?
50 Put the following Kardashian-Jenners in order of age, from oldest to youngest: Khloe, Kylie, Rob, Kourtnet, Kendall, Kim, Kris.
51 What type of nut is in the middle of a Ferrero Rocher?
52 In which franchise would you find the character Katniss Everdeen?
53 Who plays Emily in the hit Netflix series 'Emily in Paris'?
54 Who wrote Jungle Book?
55 Which French town is known for its mustard?
56 Who played Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise?
57 Which smart-mouthed mercenary did Ryan Reynolds bring to the screen in 2016?
58 What is a baby kangaroo called?
59 Which cartoon character lives in a pineapple under the sea?
60 Helsinki is the capital of which country?
61 How many dwarves does Snow White live with?
62 Tom Cruise is an outspoken member of which religion?
63 How many Oscars has Leonardo DiCaprio won?
64 What is the collective name for a group of crows?
65 How many days does it take for the Earth to orbit the sun?
66 What's the national flower of Japan?
67 Which famous graffiti artist comes from Bristol?
68 Who invested the iconic Little Black Dress?
69 Where is Billie Eilish from?
70 What song is the all-time-most-streamed song on Spotify to date?
71 Which movie was Pixar's first feature-length film?
72 Which football team is known as The Red Devils?
73 What is the name for the Swiss dish that usually involves melted cheese or chocolate?
74 According to the book and movie titles, what designer line does the devil wear?
75 Which female pioneer in aviation disappeared over the mid-Pacific in 1937?
76 What kind of Greek bread is used in a gyro?
77 Which New York street is closely associated with the business world and stock market?
78 What is the name for a female fox?
79 How many ghosts visit Scrooge in A Christmas Carol?
80 What is the Scoville scale used to measure?
81 According to legend, who was King Arthur's wife?
82 Which majestic mountain range would you find in Switzerland?
83 What has to happen for a vampire to enter the home of the living?
84 Which spooky TV series has an alternate universe called 'The Upside Down'?
85 What is the name of the group Justin Timberlake used to be part of?
86 How long is New Zealand’s Ninety Mile Beach ?
87 What is the Italian word for pie?
88 Which European country eats the most chocolate per capita?
89 What is the main ingredient of Bombay Duck?
90 What is the correct term for a question mark immediately followed by an exclamation mark?
91 In which month does the German festival of Oktoberfest mostly take place?
92 Which movie star enter a look-a-like content about himself only to come 3rd in it?
93 Who famously (and drunkenly) once said: “My dear, you are ugly, but tomorrow I shall be sober, and you will still be ugly.”
94 What is the collective noun for a group of pandas?
95. Who composed the music for Sonic the Hedgehog 3?
96. Which country do kiwifruit originate from?
97. Which European country has 158 verses to its national anthem?
98. Which part of his body did musician Gene Simmons from Kiss insure for one million dollars?
99. Who were the first television couple to be shown in bed together on prime-time television?
100. What Benedictine monk invented champagne?

Quiz answers for March quiz - there were entries from Ron Taylor, Malcolm Slee, Belinda Stevenson, Kristian Wilson, Steve Ellis, Hilary & Ron Coyne , Dave Woolley and Bev Mottershead and the winning entry winning £25 prize was from Dave Woolley.


1 Kate Winslet
2. Eagle
3. Daniel Radcliffe
4. The Mask
5. 12
6.. Any 5 of Goldeneye, Thunderball, Goldfinger, Moonraker, Octopussy, Skyfall or Spectre
7. Bank of England
8 Vesuvious
9.Henri Paul
10. Heights
11. Fining
12. Eva Longoria
13. George
14 Philadelphia
15 O’Reilly
16. Luigi
17. Kenny Everett
18. Ironside
19. Dougal
20. Friends
21. Rudyard Kipling
22. Pauline Collins
23. Birds Eggs
24. Simon and Garfunkel
25. 4 – Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas
26. Genghis Khan
27. Roald Dahl
28. Reykjavik
29. Pet (using a pet passport) – he was a dog
30. Mohammed Ali
31. Straits of Gibraltar
32. 1971
33. Sir Alec Guinness
34. Ardent
35. Flyer – first flew in 1903 and managed an altitude of 3 metres
36. Lin-Manuel Miranda
37 Call of Duty
38 Gillian Flynn
39 Gwrych Castle in Wales
40 Jamie Oliver
41 Barbara Millicent Roberts
42 Ellen DeGeneres
43 Karen Gillan
44 Michael Jackson
45 Justin Bieber
46 Andy Warhol
47 Damien Hurst
48 Casino Royale
49 Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Reverend Green, Mrs. Peacock and Professor Plum
50 Kris, 64, Kourtney, 41, Kim, 39, Khloe, 35, Rob, 33, Kendall, 24, Kylie, 22
51 Hazelnut
52 The Hunger Games
53 Lily Collins
54 Rudyard Kipling
55 Dijon
56 Robert Pattinson
57 Deadpool
58 Joey
59 SpongeBob SquarePants
60 Finland
61 Seven - Doc, Dopey, Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Bashful, Grumpy
62 Scientology
63 One
64 A murder
65 365 days (365 ¼)
66 Cherry blossom
67 Banksy
68 Coco Chanel in the 1920s
69 Los Angeles, USA
70 Ed Sheeran, Shape of You
71 Toy Story, 1995
72 Manchester United
73 Fondue
74 Prada
75 Amelia Earhart
76 Pita bread
77 Wall Street
78 Vixen
79 Four - Christmas Past, Present and Future as well as his former business partner Jacob Marley
80 The pungency (spiciness or heat) of chili peppers
81 Guinevere
82 The Alps
83 They have to be invited in
84 Stranger Things
86 It’s only 88km, so 55 miles long.
87 It’s pizza! (Torta)
88 Switzerland
89 Fish
90 Interrobang.
91 September.
92 Charlie Chaplin.
93 Winston Churchill
94 An embarrassment
95 Michael Jackson.
96 China.
97 Greece
98 His tongue.
99 Fred and Wilma Flintstone
100 Dom Pierre Pérignon.


Famous Footballer Surnames (Past and Present)

1. Anagram: FFRUCY –
2. Anagram: RADAMANO –
3. Anagram: ELPE –
4. Anagram: STEW THAM –
5. Anagram: YOONER –
6. Anagram: OLDANOR –
7. Anagram: HORALNOBAG –
8. Anagram: DANIEZ –
9. Anagram: RAUSZE –
10. Anagram: TEBS –

Famous Films

11 Anagram: Her Roommate Has Bitten Guys –
12 Anagram: Act In It –
13 Anagram: Zani Neck Tie –
14 Anagram: Flip Into Cup –
15 Anagram: Leave On Scene –
16 Anagram: Risk Hat For Oldest Era –
17 Anagram: Cop Shy –
18 Anagram: May Spin Prop –
19 Anagram: A Preface –
20 Anagram: Rebel If No Faith:

21 Which American film and television actress is best known for her role as Jennifer Hart in the 1980s television series Hart to Hart?
22 In 1872, which country played England in the first ever international game of football?
23 Who married comedian Les Dennis in 1995?
24 Claire Richards was the lead singer in which dance-pop group?
25 Who became First Minister of Scotland after Alex Salmond's resignation?
26 Which Irish novelist was personal assistant of actor Henry Irving and business manager of the Lyceum Theatre in London?
27 Which singer starred in the television documentary From Riches to Rags?
28 Who said: "The history of the world is but the biography of great men."?
29 How many hurdles are there in a 400 metres hurdles race?
30 In 1811, nearly a quarter of all the women in Britain were called what name?
31 In which city did Roger Bannister run the first sub-four-minute mile in 1954?
32 Which large animal kills more people than any other animal in Africa?
33 Which country do swallows migrate to when they leave Britain for the winter?
34 Which country has the second largest land mass in the world if water is excluded?
35 In fashion, what do the initials DKNY stand for?
36 Occurring twice yearly, what name is given to a day consisting of twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness?
37 How many X chromosomes do women have?
38 Which city is the largest port in Germany?
39 Which country is the natural habitat of the emu?
40 Where in the world does the Up Helly Aa Fire Festival take place, which culminates in the burning of a Viking long ship?

41 COOL ENERGY EGO is an anagram of what Academy Award winning actor?
42 KENNETH LURE RAT is an anagram of what Golden Globe winning actress?
43 FAT GIRL LED LAZE is an anagram of what well known female singer born in 1917?
44 ROUSING MORTALS is an anagram of what famous American musician who died in 1971?
45 HOT DAREDEVIL is an anagram of what American rock vocalist?
46 CLUE OVER AIRLINE is an anagram of what actor born in 1907?
47 I WARM BILLIONS is an anagram of what Academy Award winning actor?
48 THE GREAT CHARM RAT is an anagram of what 20th century British politician?
49 A DEMONIC LINK is an anagram of which well known actress?
50 GIDDY OLD AGE LOVER is an anagram of what early 20th century British Prime Minister?
51 GRIM EMOTION CLONE is an anagram of what well known golfer?
52 BUTTRESS HOGS is an anagram of what 1984 film?
53 COWBOY KNEE LENS is an anagram of what well known singer, songwriter and actress?
54 I'M A NICE LEACH is an anagram of what well known British actor born in 1933?
55 AN ENGLISH LIKE SCRAP is an anagram of what popular breed of dog?
56 SCREEN IS A STORM is an anagram of what well known film director?
57 NICE LAND, OPIUM CRIB is an anagram of what New World country?
58 MANIAC RAT PONG is an anagram of what well known alcoholic brand name?
59 LEAN AND SOLEMN is an anagram of what world renowned former head of state?
60 DRILLS IN CHEST is an anagram of which Academy award film from the 1990s?
61 What kind of films were banned in Monaco after April 18, 1956?
62 Which musical instrument is also the name for a Champagne glass?
63 The name of which US state translated means 'snow'?
64 Akbar Shah, Cullinan, Taylor-Burton, Black Orlov, Koh-i-Noor and Golden Eye are all famous examples of what?
65 What was the original name for the band 'The Shadows'?
66 The following mottos and slogans are associated with which company or product?
a. Because I'm worth it
b. Solutions for a small planet
c. Impossible is nothing
d. Grace Space Pace

67 In the Paul Simon song 'Graceland', what "was shining like a national guitar"?
68 Which New York City street is synonymous with the American advertising industry?
69 Name the three Americans who won the Wimbledon mens singles title during the 1970s? One point for each correct answer.
70 Which antiquated nautical word for 'old cable or rope' now describes some foods we eat?
71 The oldest existing French colony is Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Off the coast off which continent are the islands located?
72 What do each of the following middle initials stand for?
a. Hilary R. Clinton
b. John W. Lennon
c. Lyndon B. Johnson
d. Michael J. Jackson
e. Samuel L. Jackson

73 Protazoa contains the Greek root 'prot'. What does 'prot' mean?
74 Trees that are felled in which season make the best wood for log cabins?
75 The following quotations are from which film?.
a. "The rug really tied the room together."
b. "Is it safe?"
c. "I see dead people."
d. "We'll always have Paris."
e. "Plastics."

76 Known as a "living fossil", what is the other name for the Maidenhead tree that starts with the letter 'G'?
77 Name the five largest islands in the world that begin with the letter 'S'. One point for each correct answer.
78 What is a Gigli saw used for?
79 Which country were the following bands from?
a. The Seekers
b. Nazareth
c. Hot House Flowers
d. Golden Earing
e. Scorpions
f. Air Supply
g. Bachman Turner Overdrive

80 Which sporting discipline did Elvis Presley practice and use on stage?

The following are all anagrams of the names of former Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom.

81. Churlish Nit Clown
82. Brainy Lot
83. Recharge That Tram
84. Hollow Drains
85. Cattle Element
86. Annoyed Then
87. Petrol Beer
88. Hard Hat Weed
89. Smarmy Old Canada
90. Artful Harbour

The following are all anagrams of UK rock and pop bands.

91. Slop Exists
92. See Sign
93. Shy Pop Besot
94. Radio Gulls
95. Lady Clop
96. Jab Exams Next
97. Abuse Bags
98. Had Roadie
99. Hypo Mad Pansy
100. Worn Deer


Famous Footballer Surnames (Past and Present)
1. Answer: Cruyff
2. Answer: Maradona
3. Answer: Pele
4. Answer: Matthews
5. Answer:Rooney
6. Answer: Ronaldo
7. Answer: Agbonlahor
8. Answer: Zidane
9. Answer: Suarez
10. Answer: Best

Famous Films
11– Answer: There’s Something About Mary
12 – Answer: Titanic
13– Answer: Citizen Kane
14– Answer: Pulp Fiction
15– Answer: Ocean’s Eleven
16– Answer: Raiders Of The Lost Ark
17– Answer: Psycho
18– Answer: Mary Poppins
19– Answer: Cape Fear
20: Answer: The Life Of Brian

21 Stefanie Powers
22 Scotland
23 Amanda Holden
24 Steps
25 Nicola Sturgeon
26 Bram Stoker
27 Lily Allen (now Cooper)
28 Thomas Carlyle
29 Ten
30 Mary

31 Oxford
32 Hippopotamus
33 South Africa
34 China (Canada drops down to fourth if water is excluded)
35 Donna Karan New York
36 Equinox
37 Two
38 Hamburg
39 Australia
40 Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland

41 George Clooney
42 Kathleen Turner
43 Ella Fitzgerald
44 Louis Armstrong
45 David Lee Roth
46 Laurence Olivier
47 Robin Williams
48 Margaret Thatcher
49 Nicole Kidman
50 David Lloyd George
51 Colin Montgomerie
52 Ghostbusters
53 Beyoncé Knowles
54 Michael Caine
55 King Charles Spaniel
56 Martin Scorsese
57 Dominican Republic
58 Captain Morgan
59 Nelson Mandela
60 Schindler's List
61. Grace Kelly films
62. Flute
63. Nevada
64. Diamonds
65. The Drifters
66. Four answers
a. L'Oreal
b. IBM
c. Adidas
d. Jaguar

67. "The Mississippi Delta"
68. Madison Avenue
69. Three answers. Stan Smith (72), Jimmy Connors (74), Arthur Ashe (75)
70. Junk
71. North America
72. Five answers
a. Rodham
b. Winston
c. Baines
d. Joseph
e. Leroy

73. First (protazoa, 'first animals)
74. Winter (moisture content is less)
75. Five answers.
a. The Big Lebowski
b. Marathon Man
c. The Sixth Sense
d. Casablanca
e. The Graduate
76. Ginkgo
77. Five answers. Sumatra, Sulawesi, South Island, Sakhalin, Sri Lanka.
78. Bone cutting or amputations
79. Seven answers.
a. Australia
b. Scotland
c. Ireland
d. Holland
e. Germany
f. Australia
g. Canada

80. Karate
81. Winston Churchill
82. Tony Blair
83. Margaret Thatcher
84. Harold Wilson
85. Clement Attlee
86. Anthony Eden
87. Robert Peel
88. Edward Heath
89. Ramsay MacDonald
90. Arthur Balfour

91. Sex Pistols
92. Genesis
93. Pet Shop Boys
94. Girls Aloud
95. Coldplay
96. Basement Jaxx
97. Sugababes
98. Radiohead
99. Happy Mondays
100. New Order

Feb Quiz answers (there were entries from Malcolm Slee, Chris Singleton, Ron Taylor, Linda Cartmell, Anne-Marie Rainbow, Ron & Hilary Coyne, Belinda Stevenson and Dave Woolley.

Of the all correct entries Anne-Marie Rainbow was the winner and receives £25 prize.

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