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Angling Section Report to Mythop Leisure Club AGM 2019.

Since the loss of Hardmans, Cartmell and Longwood pools to Green Drive Golf Club our members have only had one venue to fish, namely The Vicarage Pool next to St.Cuthbert's church in Lytham and when we suffered a massive fish kill in 2016 the future of the section looked in jeopardy. However, the past twelve months have seen a dramatic upturn in our fortune.

With gradual restocking with small fish during 2018, The Vicarage is once again providing good sport for our members. The fish appear to be thriving and putting on weight fast. Due to the hard work of members at work parties, the rotting fishing platforms have been repaired and are now once again usable. All in all the pool has recovered remarkably well and the future looks bright.

We have also gained access to a new venue. Following talks with Lytham Hall Angling Club (LHAC), formerly the angling section of Lancashire Police Sports Club, and the management of Lytham Hall we have, at a very reasonable cost, taken over the lease of Curtains Pond, a mature fishery in the grounds of the hall with an excellent stock of many different species of fish. We are very fortunate to have been given first refusal on this lease as I am sure that other angling clubs in the area would have paid significantly more than the price we negotiated to secure it. The section would like to thank the board of MLC for agreeing to pay the annual rent for the lease, the acquisition of which also gives us an alternative venue should we experience problems at The Vicarage in the future.

Access to Curtains Pond has resulted in increased interest in the section and membership has increased to about 80, approximately half being members of MLC. Membership fees continue to ensure that the section remains almost entirely self-sufficient.

Chris Rainbow
Secretary/Treasurer, Angling Section

If you are interested in finding out more about the Angling Section please contact:
Chris Rainbow (

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